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Enjoy these pokes at the powers that shouldn’t be.

Update on 5th Edition of “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! Investigation into “The Covid”

Update on the 5th Edition of “Government”

We have been sending material to our graphic design firm every day for four-plus weeks now. It’s been our second week working with additional designers to speed up the process of getting the memes and visualizations completed.

Every day closer to the finish line and finally send the final document to the graphic team to harmonize the new content with the old content!

64GB Liberator Coming – We are expanding: The Liberator to 64GBs.  Everyone who ordered the 32GB Liberator will get an additional 32GBs of material for free!

Funding: Since we only raised $20,000 ($15,250 from IndieGoGo and ~$4,750 in Epic Cash) of our $35,000 goal we are looking for a heavy hitter or two to help us get the book out in a BIG way. If you or anyone you know might be interested then please e-mail me at [email protected] where I can take you through the new edition and plans.

Free Download of the 4th Edition for IndieGoGo and Five Meme Friday subscribers – We are making the 4th edition of the book available for free download to our IndieGoGo backers, Five Meme Friday subscribers, and anyone who downloads the full Liberator. You can find the 4th edition with all the hypertext links in the Liberator#1 Dropbox here:

The Liberator – Our archive of “government” and media criminality

Important Note
: New additions are added to the authoritative Liberator Dropboxes regularly but will not appear in the physical credit card-sized flash drive until we launch the next version in early May.  Anyone can download the current contents of the Liberator FOR FREE including all the primary sources and evidence from our investigation into “The Covid”.

Liberator #1
 – Companion media to “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History. Exposed!

Liberator #2 – Evidence of False Flag terror for police state and hoax shootings for gun control:

Liberator #3 – Evidence that “The Covid” has been a scam and the vaccines are killing people:

Liberator #4 – Voluntaryism, Prepping and Self-Sufficiency – Hundreds of resources:

Since we are behind on getting the 5th edition out, we are sharing what we are reading, watching, evaluating to both deliver real value to the folks who pre-ordered books and to crowd-source a fact-check and get feedback on the direction and sources.  You can subscribe to the Art of Liberty Foundation Substack: Telegram Channel here:

News Of The Week


There are no coincidences, there is only a hyper-centralized coordinated global power grab.
The confluence of the various psyops off of the waning PSYOP-19 “pandemic” are accelerating in diversity as well as intensity. From PSYOP-SUPPLY-CHAIN-22 to PSYOP-UKRAINE-INVASION-22 to PSYOP-FAMINE-22 (already commenced in Africa) to today’s CPI print of “8.6%”.

Mayman Aerospace debuts flight-ready Speeder flying motorbike prototype –

After turning its main attention away from jetpacks and to its Speeder Air Utility Vehicle (AUV), JetPack Aviation has shown the fruits of its labors in the form of the flight-ready P2 Speeder prototype. At the Draper Venture Network CEO Summit in California, the Speeder made its debut under JetPack Aviation’s new Mayman Aerospace brand, which has been established to develop micro VTOL Speeders to suit a range of applications.

Fed Data Shows a Half Century of Moderate Growth in the Fed’s Balance Sheet Through Two World Wars – Then a Seismic Explosion Under Bernanke, Yellen and Powell

Wall Street on Parade had an excellent article showing the seismic explosion in the Fed’s Balance Sheet after the housing bubble burst and the ensuing financial crisis.
Here is my version of their chart since 2000 where you can seen the seismic shift in the balance sheet (toxic green slime line), particularly with The Fed’s response to Covid. The Fed is signaling a tightening in monetary policy to help reduce inflation (blue line).

YouTuber 3D Prints “World’s First” Rocket Launcher And Fires At Target
3D printing has revolutionized gun-making and has come a long way since the single-shot “The Liberator” pistol was available for download in 2013. Now entire semiautomatic pistol carbines can be entirely printed at home, and weapon-making appears to have graduated to rocket launchers.

Still a lot of stupid conversations surrounding COVID so I’ll take some time to end some of them – Sheldon Yakiwchuk

“There are still a lot of stupid conversations surrounding COVID and Vaccinations and since I haven’t drilled into the AB data lately, I figured I’d take some time to use it to help end some of them.”
“The death & damage from the DEATHVAX™ continues to pile up…”

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More Memes Bonanza

Video of the Week

Just Be Honest – YouTube

Larken Rose breaks down the dishonesty of many advocates for “government” intervention.  The refusal of so many people to honestly state (or even understand) the consequences of advocating for “government” solutions:  “Government” supporters are advocating for their friends, neighbors, and family to be robbed at gunpoint to put a particular program into place.  Period. There is no way to dress it up… there is no way to euphemistically call it something else…

Privaticians / Not-A-Politicans –

Which is an excellent segue into an update on the 5th Edition and a new concept I am calling:  Privaticians / Not-A-Politicans.  Last month I wrote an article for our Substack called: Can Politics Be Moral – Advice for Aspiring Politicians from Sedona – The City of Light. In that article I opined that it is possible to be a moral “politician” but it is a fairly narrow road.  You can represent your constituents by voting defensively on their behalf BUT the instant you advocate or vote for redistribution and/or violence to be used against peaceful people for victimless crimes you lose the moral high ground and degenerate into nothing more than a fancy looter.

Free State Project Corner

Help Pass A Parental Bill of Rights!

This week we are featuring a non-profit called: RebuildNH that is fighting for Liberty on a variety of fronts in New Hampshire.  They were the leading FSP voice and state-wide coordination effort for organizing legislative and peaceful civil disobedience against Covid.

RebuildNH is a 501(c)(4) not for profit corporation. This all-volunteer, grassroots effort is entirely operated by concerned citizens in New Hampshire. To donate to support

Free State Project Corner – The Free State Project is moving 20,000+ libertarians to New Hampshire with the goal of reducing “Government” to just protecting life, liberty and property.  We are supporting and reporting on this dynamic.  If you have heard Etienne talk about the plan to accelerate this dynamic by dropping 100,000 copies of “Government”, the 32GB Liberator and a documentary to the influential in the state and want more details in our Executive Summary.

The Everything Bundle

The Everything Bundle – The Sampler of Liberty!
Give me Liberty… and give me more! The Everything Bundle includes the latest version of our flagship book on government, along with a collection of potentially life-altering introductions to anarchy, agorism and voluntaryism.

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