If You Liked the Book then you are going to LOVE Owning a Pop Up Guerrilla Bookstore!

Executive Summary – Our book: Government” – The Biggest Scams in History.. Exposed! reveals how inter-generational organized crime runs the “government,” media and academia.  All the evidence is on a 64GB credit card-sized flash drive of companion media that we call: The Liberator

We are getting around the censorship of the MainStreamMedia, chain book stores, Amazon, and the algorithmic censorship of the DARPA Internet by allowing anyone with a retail location to attractively merchandise the book and share in the profits.  You can also resell the books & Liberator flash drives as a fundraiser for a local liberty group, homeschooling cooperative, or social club, or to share/defray the costs of waking up your friends, relatives, and colleagues.  What You Get – Everything you need to merchandise the books and Liberators attractively in a small footprint.

10 Copies of “Government”

10 Liberator Drives in Sealed Retail “File Folder”

2 Book Stands / Table Easels

7×5 inch Sign & Sign Holder

Quick Start Guide & Employee FAQ

100 Business Card Sized Info Cards

InfoCard Holder

The Economics

Guerrilla Bookstore owners buy copies of “Government,” and Liberator drives a little over our cost (~$10) and can resell them at MSRP $30 ($45 Bundle) and share in the profits:

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP):

Book and Liberator are $30 MSRP each or $45 as a bundle                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Bookstore Kit = $275 initial investment = 10 Books and 10 Flash Drives + One-time $50 Retail Kit

Profit Potential: $450 – $600 Gross Profit / $180 – $330 Net Profit (depending on ratio of $45 bundle sales & S&H)

Book and Flash Drive Refill: $220 for 10 Books and 10 Flash Drives,

$450 – $600 Gross Profit / $240 – $390 Net Profit


Q: What are some tips to market the book?

A: Write: “Loaner Copy” on a single copy and make it your display copy.  Let trusted customers borrow the book to review before buying.  We have a business card size overview and business card stand that will let them download and review the 4th edition for free BUT encourage them to buy their copy from their local pop up Guerrilla bookstore to save on shipping & handling.  

Q:Is there anything on the Liberator flash drive that could hurt anyone’s computer?  

A: No. It only has videos and documentaries in MP4, music and audio in MP3, documents in PDF, and memes in .jpg or .gif. There are no executables.

Q: If we are reselling copies as a fundraiser or group buy and don’t need the retail kit then can we just buy the books and liberator flash drives in bulk?

A: Yes! We call the product a “Friends Bundle” including 5 copies + 5 flash drives for $115 and 10 Copies + 10 Flash drives for $220. Guerrilla Bookstore Owners need to order that item from our website when they are running low. Government-Scam.com/Store 

Q: Can we sell the book / flash drive for less than $30?

A: Yes! We cut deals and give away a lot of books for free ourselves!

Q: Can I get my bookstore listed on the global locator map?

A: Yes! Please e-mail location, hours, and contact info to [email protected]

Q: Is there Customer Support?

A: Yes! [email protected]

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Pop Up Guerrilla Bookstore $275

Guerrilla Bookstore Refill $220 (10+10 Friends Bundle)