Free David Rodriguez – He Was Kidnapped by the Santa Cruz “Government”


1st update: David was released on July 14th after 2 weeks in solitary confinement where he was only allowed out of his cell for 3 hours a week. He was greeted by dozens of supporters who stuck around hours waiting for him to be released. Thank you to everyone who called, faxed, and contributed! Here is a video of his release:

This is David Rodriguez. He is an author, activist and educator. He has been falsely arrested and imprisoned in Santa Cruz, California where the local “Government” is holding him without bail, only allowing him to leave his cell for three hours a week, and is threatening to declare him insane. He has not committed ANY crimes.


David went into hospitals, on video, in April and May of 2020 in what the L.A. Times reported was the “Epicenter of Covid in California” exposing that the “Government” and media were lying about Covid being a “Pandemic”. David found empty tents, empty waiting rooms and hospital employees openly speculating that the whole thing was a hoax. Another investigator with David spoke with the person doing the testing who confessed the hospital wasn’t experiencing pandemic conditions and wasn’t seeing any more death or disease than the usual seasonal flus and pneumonias.

David helped organize peaceful civil disobedience to the “Government’s” lockdowns and mask mandates to help reopen local businesses in the same manner as Martin Luther King and Gandhi.
The groups that David helped organize total more than four hundred people and they have held over 100+ beach re-openings, liberty bonfires, documentary screenings, free hug events and trips to protest at the state capital where he spoke to crowds of 3,000+ without masks.

There was never any “super spreading” or even a single case of “Covid” reported from these events that we are aware of further destroying the Government and media’s narrative that there was or is a “pandemic”.

David is a Voluntaryist who believes that all human interactions should be voluntary, that no one should be allowed to use violence and extortion on anyone else and not even “Government” should have an exemption from basic morality. David was exposing that “Government” is and has always been a scam… a technique used by inter-generational organized crime to rob and control society…As the head of the Gatto Project he was republishing the works of John Taylor Gatto, New York State’s teacher-of-the-year turned whistleblower, that expose the unethically manipulative hidden curriculum in the Government’s mandatory schools: Indoctrinating kids that “Government” is legitimate, desirable and necessary before they are old enough to evaluate the logic and morality of the claims.

As the head of the Santa Cruz Voluntaryists he was widely exposing that it is impossible to have a legitimate “Government” becauseit is morally and logically impossible to delegate “Rights” you don’t have yourself, (ie. to rob and extort people and call it “taxes” or make up rules for others), to a “representative” or a “Government”. He was exposing that “Democracy” is illegitimate…two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner… and elections are easily manipulated by the organized crime “Government”.

David was spreading the good news message that society doesn’t need “Government”. That all the services that “Government” provides could be provided by the free market, non-profits, mutual aid societies and real charities. In fact, the average person would be dramatically wealthier if “Government” wasn’t stealing half their income in overt taxes, covert taxes and inflation while raising revenue on them through “taxation through citation” and imprisoning 1,000,000+ people for victimless crimes.


David was also exposing that the “public servants” in Santa Cruz, County are paying themselves salaries and benefits that total over $300,000 per year… 4-5 Times what the average resident makes… Including the Sheriff, District Attorney and the Chief of Psychiatry whose office will decide if David is “insane” for thinking that “Government” is a scam and robbing the population

How You Can Help David

Please Donate to this GoGetFunding Campaign for David’s legal defense and our campaign to widely publicize David’s plight and the criminality of the “Government” in Santa Cruz, California.

Show up at David’s next scheduled court appearance: Wed July 14 @ 8:00 AM, Santa Cruz Courthouse at 701 Ocean St/Water St

Understand the complete fraud of the charges against David – Watch legal expert Malika Duke break down the specific ways the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s office is misrepresenting the Federal Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act which does NOT require David or any other resident of California to have a license plate or driver’s license unless they are engaged in commerce.

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Please call: Santa Cruz PD: 831-471-1131, Santa Cruz Sheriff: (831) 471-1121, Santa Cruz County Jail: (831) 454-7800 and Santa Cruz Superior Court: (831) 786-7200 and DEMAND they release David immediately and ask whoever answers the phone how much open criminality and cruelty they will tolerate before they quit working for an obvious organized crime “Government”!

The Judges involved are Nancy de la Pena, bar#122410 and the District Attorneys involved are District Attorney, Jeffery Scott Rosell, bar# 138433, Assistant District Attorney, Bryan Pearson, bar# 316827 and City Attorney, Stephanie Duck, bar# 324429. You can get the details of their criminality and file judicial complaints against them here:

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