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More Memes Bonanza

Videos of the week

Farmers, Truckers STOPPED as Food Supply Collapses – Ice Age Farmer – “As the unv’d are locked out of farmers markets and grocery stores, so too are unv’d farmers precluded from selling their grains. Ministers who warn of impending food shortages are promptly removed from office. The mainstream food supply is now in full collapse, and we must be creating ALTERNATIVE food supplies. “

Pulmonary Nurse of 31 Years Testifies How he Unknowingly Killed Patients by Following COVID Protocols –  “A pulmonary nurse of 31 years testified before the South Carolina State Legislature on “therapeutic options” for the alleged COVID-19. During his testimony, he explained that he began to realize the protocols he was following were killing his patients not helping them.
Albert Spence said that in all his years of nursing, what he was told to do what went against most of how he had been trained, but the medical system wanted him to treat them that way. However, once he began to see his patients dying, and that the CDC fraudulently changed the PCR tests dramatically… it frightened him and he had to speak out.
They call it “comfort care.” But when you get to the point where you can’t take (oxygen mask) off, you get so upset. You haven’t seen your family except through maybe an iPad, in weeks.
And you’re never going to come off the high flow, and the doctor says: “You’ve done your best. But this is going to be it for you.”
And so the patients get all teary eyed and upset, and they call in the palliative team, and they all hold their hands and cry.
But they said: “We can keep you comfortable.”
Here comes Albert (referring to himself). He’s got the morphine and ativan, and I load them up and take off the high flow, and they gas themselves to death.” – Daily Newsbreak

5G is a target acquiring weapon system – This is not for control but an extermination technology
This video takes a look at the work of the Spanish researchers La Quinta Columna, who present evidence that vaccine recipients are being turned into components of an electromagnetic-based wireless nano-sensor network.
The presentation provides evidence that Pfizer recipients are being inducted into an intra-body nano network that would turn them into actual internet connections, giving out signals wherever they go.
See Dr. Campra’s updated analysis of all four vaccines that were mentioned in the video.

Interview of the Week

Grant Ellman and I appeared on the Voluntaryism in Action podcast, where we joined host Jeff in a discussion about the scam that is statism, and how voluntaryism can provide an alternative. We dig deep into the philosophy behind government, and how it’s nothing more than legitimized organizational crime in opposition to Natural Law.

Free State Project Watch

Free State Project members are holding a contest to illustrate how the simple solution of moving progressives out of the state while simultaneously moving liberty lovers in immediately decreases acrimony and increases peace.

From applicants, a coalition of libertarians and progressives will select one progressive, who is miserable living in an increasingly freed New Hampshire, and a libertarian, who is miserable living in some progressive state.

And we will swap them.

We will pay their expenses to move, demonstrating how such a low-cost investment instantly allows both the progressive and the libertarian to live much happier lives in states much more consonant with their values. Misery and acrimony are instantly decreased.

So, if you know of a progressive or a socialist who is constantly complains about living in an increasingly free state, recommend that they apply:

Other Free State Project News:The Attorney General of New Hampshire was forced to release a list of 90+ cops on a “Dishonest Police List”.

“Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed

The New Media Talking Point of a Viral Blizzard Has Gone Out To All Media – montage – Batten down the hatches and stockpile the ivermectin. A “viral blizzard” is taking the mainstream media by storm!
A recurring segment in Five Meme Friday where we chronicle the news that makes the case that the “Government” is being run by inter-generational organized crime who are stealing trillions. Join our Telegram Channel devoted to evidence of “Government” and media criminality here:

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Artificial Culture Watch

Transgender ‘Jeopardy’ Contestant, Who is a Biological Male, Congratulated for Becoming the Woman with the Highest Overall Earnings in the Show’s History – The Blaze – “Jeopardy!” contestant Amy Schneider has been on an impressive winning streak, earning more money than any female competitor in Jeopardy history — but Schneider, a transgender woman, is actually a biological man.
Larissa Kelly, who previously held the distinction as the woman with the highest all-time winnings, congratulated Schneider on taking the top spot.
“Well, it was fun to hold a Jeopardy record for a few years…but it’s been even more fun to watch @Jeopardamy set new standards for excellence, on the show and off. Congratulations to Amy on becoming the woman with the highest overall earnings in the show’s history!” Kelly tweeted.”

News Of The Week

Nebraska Retiree Uses Heat to Grow Oranges in Snow – Freedom’s Phoenix –
“Winter temperatures in Alliance, Nebraska can drop to -20°F (the record low is -40°F/C), but retired mailman Russ Finch grows oranges in his backyard greenhouse without paying for heat. Instead, he draws on the earth’s stable temperature (around 52 degrees in his region) to grow warm weather produce- citrus, figs, pomegranates – in the snow.
Finch first discovered geothermal heating in 1979 when he and his wife built it into their 4400-square-foot dream home to cut energy costs. Eighteen years later they decided to add a 16’x80′ greenhouse in the backyard. The greenhouse resembles a pit greenhouse (walipini) in that the floor is dug down 4 feet below the surface and the roof is slanted to catch the southern sun.
To avoid using heaters for the cold Nebraska winter nights, Finch relies on the warm underground air fed into the greenhouse via plastic tubing under the yard and one fan.
Finch sells a “Citrus in the Snow” report detailing his work with his “geo-air” greenhouses and says anyone can build a market-producing greenhouse for about $25,000 or “less than the cost of a heat system on a traditional greenhouse”.”

Dr. Andrew Kaufman Exposes the ‘Omicran Variant’ Scam that Increases Covid Case Numbers – Need to Know News – “Dr. Andrew Kaufman explained that in the usual PCR test protocol, there are three primers (fragments of single stranded DNA), and if all three are positive, it is considered to be a positive test and the person is diagnosed with Covid. But now the criteria has changed and only two primers are required for a test to be deemed positive. The change in protocol is a way to convert negative results to positive results and call it a new thing, which was named Omicron. The result is an increase in the number of Covid cases.

Dr. Kaufman has shown many times that the SARS-Cov-2 virus has never been isolated, a process of separating it from everything else and viewing it under a microscope, and cannot be proven to exist. Similarly, the new Omicron variant of the Covid virus has yet to be isolated and proven to exist. Omicron is an ‘in silico’ computer-produced genome sequence. There is no clinical test authorized, approved, or available for purchase for any variant! There are no scientific publications studying Omicron.”

Ilhan Omar Sponsored Bill is Passed – House of Representatives Votes to Eradicate Blasphemy Against Islam – American Hedge –
“The House of Representatives has passed a bill that seeks to eradicate blasphemy against Islam.  The bill, H.R. 5665, is truly remarkable as it amounts to Congress making a law respecting the establishment of Islam and reducing the United States government into a tool of the world’s ayatollahs.

The actual text of the bill not only seeks to eradicate blasphemy against Islam around the world – and solely against Islam at that – but even requires the federal government to reorganize some portions of the State Department along the lines of an Islamic religious institution which will be responsible for interpreting the Quran.  For example, the text of the bill mandates that “[t]he Secretary of State shall establish within the Department of State an Office” and the “purpose” of the office is described as “[m]onitoring and combating acts of Islamophobia and Islamophobic incitement that occur in foreign countries.”  That is, the State Department is required to create an office that is a cross between George Orwell’s Big Brother and the Taliban.”

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