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a book scientifically designed to wake up friends, family, and coworkers to the reality that “Government”, of every flavor, has been a scam of inter-generational organized crime since the beginning.

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Crowd-Sourced Investigation and Fact-Check

If you are interested in helping us with our crowd-sourced investigation into “The Covid” as an engineered event by organized crime elements within the US “Government” and World Health Organization, and other hierarchically-controlled agencies and the crowd-sourced fact-check of the new 5th edition content then you are hired!  Please subscribe to the syndicated content and send us any suggested changes or edits to: Evidence@ArtOfLiberty.org

We are crowd-sourcing the best additional evidence of foreknowledge, disaster capitalism, economic warfare and criminality.  We are especially interested in:


  • What are the best visualizations and other criminally-focused investigations tying together funders like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with media, “Governmental” and NGO accomplice organizations.
  • Netzwerkanalyse-Corona-Komplex by an anonymous German Researcher – This graphic above shows connections between the Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, WHO, GAVI and other NGOs and Big Pharma… It contains round about 6500 objects including like Persons, NGOs, Companies, Documents, etc. It also includes more than 7200 links between them.
  • What are the best books evaluating the “Covid” as an organized crime operation?

      –  Pseudopandemic by Iain Davis?

  • What is the best website curating criminally-focused evidence?

      Swiss Propaganda Research, Global Research? Art of Liberty Foundation’s April/May 2020 Plandemic Investigation found at Government-Scam.com/Plandemic

  • What is the best documentary presenting criminally-focused evidence?
  • What is the best short overviews (written or video) with links exposing “The Covid”?
  • What is the best evidence that usual and customary elderly deaths were attributed to “Covid”
  • What are the most important 3rd party independent analysis of the vaccine ingredients

      – Robert O Young, University of Almeria

  • What law firms and investigatory agencies (news organizations, NGOs, etc.) are pursuing criminally-focused evidence?

      La Quinta Columna (Spain).

Plandemic: The Art of Liberty Foundation’s 2020 Investigation into “The Covid”

Many Art of Liberty Foundation subscribers are unaware of our previous crowd-sourced Investigation into “The Covid”.  We conducted a multi-investigator investigation into “The Covid” in April and May of 2020.  The results of that investigation can be found at www.Government-Scam.com/Plandemic

This November and December 2021 investigation will build off of the 2020 investigation.

New 32GB Liberator Flashdrive / Dropbox

We are expanding our “Flash Drive/Dropbox O’ Freedom”, The Liberator, to 32GBs with new folders/dropboxes exposing the scam of “The Covid”.


Please send us evidence of criminality that should be included into our Dropbox/Flashdrive of evidence into the large-scale organized crime eugenics and economic warfare operation that is “The Covid” to: Evidence@ArtOfLiberty.org