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The Art of Liberty Foundation is a start-up public policy organization focused on spreading voluntaryist/libertarian ideas through effective media tailored to visual learners, busy people, and short attention spans.  The foundation produces books, articles, podcasts, memes, videos, infographics, and monographs that explain the basics of voluntaryism and libertarianism while exposing the illegitimacy, illogic, and immorality of government in addition to its criminality and corruption.

The Foundation is also focused on developing and testing viral and uncensorable methods of widely distributing voluntaryist/libertarian solutions and evidence of government and media criminality through the hand-to-hand distribution of low-cost “picture books”, data DVDs, and USB flash drives. Finally, the foundation is interested in researching strategies for effectively exposing and transitioning from organized crime/governmental control to real freedom and voluntary free market solutions including libertarian intentional communities, political secession, the transition of non-redistributive government services to private schools, protection companies, arbitration providers, private restitution vs retribution-based prisons and insurance-supported private fire brigades, technologies that promote digital liberty, free markets, private encrypted communications, anonymous digital cash, and free market monetary competition.

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Our Current Projects and Programs

Start-Up Public Policy Organization

The Art of Liberty Foundation is looking to accelerate its growth as a startup public policy organization focused on exposing the illegitimacy and criminality of “government” from a principled voluntaryist libertarian perspective with scholarly research and effective, censorship-resistant dissemination of evidence.  We relocated the foundation to New Hampshire and plan on focusing at least 50% of our efforts in the state with outreach and educational activities and research into peaceful transition strategies from legitimate non-redistributive public services to free-market schools, private protection companies, and insurance-agency-supported fire brigades.


The THICKREDLINE Project – #THICKREDLINE – Our effort to support Sheriffs, chiefs, Deputies and officers to say: NO! to politicians and peacefully collectively refuse to enforce victimless crimes supported by the community.  Art of Liberty Foundation principals co-founded the organization and board member Howard Lichtman was the principal author of the THICKREDLINE Handbook for REDLINING your agency.

The Pre-State Project

The Free State Project is an effort by voluntaryist and libertarian-leaning freedom activists to move to a single State, New Hampshire, with a history of liberty and a population low enough where migration or concentration of freedom activists could effect real change.  The Pre-State Project is our effort to accelerate the objectives of the Free State Project by exposing organized crime’s control system and offering the voluntaryist alternative of real freedom, non-violence, tolerance, and peace. The goal of the project is to convert 25,000 libertarian-leaning among existing New Hampshire residents to voluntaryism, real freedom and activism by exposing the control system of Statism and government criminality through mass distribution of physical books, Liberator flash drives, and a TBD documentary in DVD to get around the censorship of the media and the DARPA Internet.  The campaign would also host town hall meetings across the state with informative speakers and an introduction to the freedom-oriented social and political networks in the state.


“Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! – The book is scientifically designed to “wake up” your friends, relatives and colleagues to the scams of “government.” The image-rich book features historical photos, visualizations, media ownership charts, and memes designed to take visual learners, who make up 70% of the population, from 0-60 on the illegitimacy and criminality of “government” and the control-of-perception program of monopolized media and algorithmic censorship of the DARPA Internet.

The Liberator – a 64GB credit card-sized flash drive full of evidence of “Government” illegitimacy and criminality in addition to the companion media for “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! The drive is filled with documentaries, short videos, important books in PDF, dank liberty memes, and truth music from the liberty movement’s hottest artists. We are taking the best evidence of “government” and intelligence agency criminality that is being censored off the internet and making it uncensorable and easy to copy for friends, relatives and colleagues. – Our flagship substack for our original writing and research. Low volume, just the most important articles and news we publish.

Five Meme Friday – Our weekly summary of the alternative news, censored videos, truth music, Free State Project corner and at least five dank liberty memes

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The Daily News – We curate and syndicate the best alternative media, cool substacks, bloggers, bloggers and podcasts. Some of our sources and aggregators include Wall Street on Parade, Mint Press News, Global Research,, The Corbett Report, the 2nd Smartest Guy in the World, Freedom’s Phoenix, and more! For those that prefer less e-mail, we offer a weekly summary at

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“Government,” Media and Academia Exposed! – Our ongoing evidence repository of both mainstream and alternative news stories proving our thesis that inter-generational organized crime runs the “government,” media, and academia.

Liberty Groups and Events

The Art of Liberty Foundation maintains a list of the leading libertarian and voluntaryist events and liberty groups, including promoting starting or joining a Freedom Cell in your area.  Check out our list here:

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