Evidence that the Media is Deliberately Lying to Manufacture a Pandemic

 New York Times Front Page Article & Video Series on Pandemic Conditions at NY Times caught manufacturing an “epidemic” with front page story and video at a Queens Hospital using a Doctor associated with medical simulations. Other reporters have found that the actual situation on the ground wasn’t anything close what was depicted in their video and article and the head of the hospital came out and publicly called out their lies about a lack of ventilators which the NYTimes has already retracted in the original story

New York Times Media Story:  

Alternative Media Fact Check on NY Times Lies:  


CBS News Caught Red-Handed Using Sky News Footage from an Italian Hospital to Depict A New York City Hospital (VIDEO)

Evidence that Hospitals Are Not Experiencing Pandemic-Level Conditions 


CBS caught broadcasting ‘fake news on the coronavirus


Independent Journalists

Video From Germany Showing Empty German Hospitals and Interviews with German Doctors Corona FAKE crisis!!! Medical vs Media  Mediziner gegen Medien Es gibt keine gefährliche Corona– Censored off of YourTube. https://www.dropbox.com/s/y4ydim416cxjnp4/Corona%20FAKE%20crisis%21%21%21%20Medical%20vs%20Media%20%20Mediziner%20gegen%20Medien%20%20Es%20gibt%20keine%20gef%C3%A4hrliche%20Corona.mp4?dl=0

 Dana Ashlie Compilation of Citizen Journalists and Independent Media Visiting Hospitals, Make Shift Morgues and Testing Locations and Finding Nothing – Video in MP4: 


The Author’s Personal Communications with Emergency Room Physicians and 1st Hand Witnesses in the Following Cities

Houston, Texas – Personal correspondence with Houston emergency room surgeon. No significant numbers, severity or deaths. March 29th, 2020

Nashville, Tennessee – The same surgeon was in contact with colleagues at other hospitals in Nashville where he taught and did his residency. March 29th 2020
LansdowneLoudoun County Virginia– Local restaurateur who delivers to Loudoun Hospital in Landsdowne, VA reports nothing resembling a pandemic. 

San Jose, CA – March 31st, 2020 – Vendor to state relief effort did site surveys at two local hospitals. Nothing resembling a pandemic. Hospital was ignoring their own safety advice in their own internal meeting. Gear being requested wasn’t to be provisoned as it would be in a real pandemic.  [9]

Business Executive from South Korea reporting on April 2nd 2020 with pictures taken at each hospital he visited: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17h5M2XqlxUEFS8L4eUinVRRX4ONflyFkt_6fLeiVCyQ/edit[10]

Specific Ways Financial Industry and Cartel Companies are Benefiting from Covid-related Stimulas and “Bailouts” 


Evidence That Corona is Not As Lethal or Communicable As We Are Being Led to Believe

Evidence That Viruses Might Not Be Causing Illness, Don’t meet Koch’s Postulate for Infectious Diseases and might be Being Used to Mask Environmental, Nutritional, and Electromagnetic Causality with a Common Bio Marker being used to Justify Medical Martial Law and Governmental Control. 

12 Experts Questioning Covid 19 Leathality, Communicability, Predictions and Response



First hand report to the author less than one day after the site surveys. 


Facebook messenger conversation between the author and a South Korean business executive he knows personally.