Frequently Asked Questions

Wouldn’t There Be Independent Video Evidence if the Media Was Lying and Manufacturing a Hoax Pandemic?

Yes! And There is! Here are some examples of the media caught lying and manufacturing a pandemic: Video: More good news? Citizen reporters go & do what the media won’t! Summary: Compilation video of independent citizen and alternative media journalists live streaming from media reported “epi-center” hospitals within one day of reported long lines and packed emergency rooms finding nothing resembling what the news portrayed just one day previously.

This video from Germany has been censored off YouTube:

Video: Corona FAKE crisis!!! Medical vs Media Mediziner gegen Medien Es gibt keine gefährliche Corona

Summary: German alternative news reporter shows German epi-center hospitals are devoid of patients, that hospital employees are questioning the narrative, and interviews with German doctors who dispute the story, lethality, and communicability.


New York Times Apparent Media Deception: 


Alternative Media Fact Check on NY Times:


 What About the Cruise Ships, Aircraft Carriers, and Military Cases?

The organized crime governments of the world can make hundreds of people sick in a small area like a cruise ship full of elderly eating sugar, drinking alcohol, and getting less/lower quality sleep parked directly under a 5G antenna.. esp their own militaries on a ship when they are keeping them nutritionally deficit with refined sugar, sodas, mandatory vaccines, etc. They could also be attempting to manufacture a global pandemic by locating the World Military Games in Whuhan where troops from dozens and dozens of countries are purposely infected or sickened and then flown back to their own countries where they are stacked up in military bases with thousands of other nutritionally deficit soldiers in a high-stress easily immune compromised population. … but everyone on the planet isn’t getting sick and there isn’t anything going on in 99% of cities that could be considered a Pandemic…including in the specific cities like New York and the specific hospitals like Queens Elmhurst that are supposedly at the epicenter… and they are getting caught lying about it.. CBS using footage from Italy… New York Times lying about ventilators…  

What About Claims of Chinese or Iranian Biological Warfare, Spying and/or the current Saber Rattling

I believe this is being manufactured by the Chinese “Government” and the “US Government” as a contrivance to menace the other’s populations in a divide and conquer tactic. The real enemy of the Chinese people is the Chinese “Government” and the real enemy of the American people is the “American” “Government” I.E. Inter-generational organized crime using statism, mandatory Prussian-model schools, nationalism, propaganda, indoctrination, and other unethically manipulative cult creation techniques on their populations… It isn’t the Chinese government that is robbing us of ½ our income in overt taxes, covert taxes, and inflation… It is the US Federal, State, and County “Governments” using the exact same techniques of indoctrination, statism, propaganda and now medical martial law to rob and control societies as their Chinese counterparts. The false, indoctrinated “Gods” of “Government” and “Democracy” and any other manufactured political solution that gives one group of men the supposed ability to use violence on the rest of the population. 

What Can I do Myself to Confirm Your Claims of a Manufactured Pandemic?

Drive over to your local hospital… park in the emergency entrance parking lot and ask the ambulance drivers and the people at reception if there is a pandemic raging at their hospital.  

 What Can I do to Fight Back Against The Economic Warfare being Waged Against Me, My Family and My Friends

1. Ignore the Governments prohibitions against assembly. Support your local entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, yoga studios, gyms, farmers markets. Wear a mask if you are elderly, immune compromised or until you are 100% sure it’s a scam but don’t let the organized crime “Government” and media drive your friends and family out of business. 

2.  Get into the Fight Against this Tyranny. Make copies of our Expose article: Plandemic – How Organized Crime in the “Government” and Media Engineered Covid-19 to Cover the Collapse of the Treasury Market and Hide the Theft of Trillions, send to 5 friends, spread the PDF copy of “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! Free download at And the companion Flash Drive/Dropbox/Data DVDs of Liberty: The . Make your own flash drive or DVD Liberators. If you work for a small-to-midsize company then ask your IT guy or IT Help Desk for spare USB Flash Drives that usually come with new computers but not distributed to every employee. Create Your Own Liberators and distribute to friends, family and colleagues.