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The Art of Liberty Foundation Newsletter

Our Etienne de la Boetie2 account was censored off Facebook in May of 2018.  Etienne’s personal Facebook account is being obviously algorithmically censored when posting politically.  Interviews with Etienne frequently have a fraction of views compared with the average views of other content posted by those channels.  We have seen comments deleted off our own YouTube channel (even though we have the email from YouTube received when the comment was posted), view counts go backwards, and Chris Mathieu, host of Forbidden Knowledge News, watched as hundreds of views were deleted off an Etienne interview and the video was immediately demonetized by YouTube.

Moral of the Story:If you want to keep up with our work then E-mail has the best shot of getting through.  We promise to keep the volume low and the content important. Even after you subscribe you need to whitelist us with your e-mail provider especially if that e-mail provider is CIA Google.  If we go into Gmail’s social tab or promotions then you need to drag the e-mail to the “Primary” tab to whitelist.

Five Meme Friday

For those that want more frequent communication than the occasional newsletter, we offer 5 Meme Friday where we publish out 5 hard-hitting truth memes each week.  There is a reason why the Pentagon is studying memetic warfare is becasue they are so damn effective.  Let us arm you up for the fight!

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