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Eternal Vigilance – Building templates of direct public active engagement for Freedom.

The Eternal Vigilance Project (EVP) mission is to promote confident individual activism rooted in foundational values of Liberty, REAL Money and Property.

Framing the Work Individual freedom and voluntary engagement based on the principles of non-aggression are at the heart of all great free cultures from antiquity to today. 

The American people have lost their compass. Among the many insults to freedom, that of FAKE money and forced schooling have enfeebled the People most. The United States Government has usurped power, undermined, and abandon the incontrovertible principles of individual liberty that were to limit it. It has obfuscated and ignored the eternal truths of freedom entrusted to it by the People.  With that, the responsibility again falls to the People to rechart their course.

The Eternal Vigilance Project sees that course as voluntarism underpinned by the non-aggression principle. In short, founding principles.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Power is ever stealing from the many to the few.”  Wendell Phillips (1852)

The Declaration of Independence (1776), the most sublime definer of human freedom since the Magna Carta (1215), foreshadowed the responsibilities we now face in rectifying the failures of the US Constitution (1790) to restrain this government from the fraud and despotism that now permeates it.

It is a systematic failure. No party operating within this web of criminality, debt slavery, and force is exempt this condemnation. The People must insure that the same actors who have benefited in the FAKE money, corruption, and fraud do not enjoy the fruits of that poison tree. A tree that must be uprooted as we proceed to restore REAL Money, Real Property and Individual Freedom.

It is true. The wheels have been set in motion. Draconian yet ham-handed lock downs and staged race wars are but the first physical salvos to cover the theft in the planned “Great Reset” we are witnessing today. The destruction of the understanding of the importance of REAL Money in the minds of the People, the long standing catalyst. Those that would do further damage to Freedom are working from the shadows using the force of the failed protectorate US Government to further their global imperial agendas and ends. EVP brings light to those shadows. Tools to minds opening to the horror of what we have allowed in our name. And, what can be done about it.

The Eternal Vigilance project is here to act!

Defeating a tyrannical “New Normal” envisioned by the Global Money Cartel by demystifying their fraud. Destroying the illusion of FAKE money, dis-empowers illegitimate government actors, useful idiots, and FAKE money funded provocateur and political groups.

Without the consent of the People to the FAKE money/debt scheme, the power of the Money Cartel is lost. 

When individuals see behind the curtain of the FAKE money scheme that is the criminally fraudulent monetary scam of a privately owned central bank, deceptively named “Federal Reserve”, they are forever changed…

As millions more begin to feel the effects of the “Great Reset”, under auspices of a “New Normal”, on its way to “their” “New World Order”, knowledge of the FAKE money system will be infinitely valuable to the cause of Freedom for all.

Once exposed to a clear understanding of REAL money, it is unlikely an informed people will accept a return to even a comfortable slavery. The EVP can help rekindle the brushfires of Samuel Adam’s freedom that have dimmed in the shadows of a society slowly distracted and dominated by the fakery and fraud of the Money Cartel’s latest 107 year coup d’etat through this immoral and criminal debt slavery.

Now is the time to restore the promise of Freedom here in America where its last seed grew.

Eternal Vigilance Project will further Freedom and Liberty wherever it reaches. Providing resources to expose the oppression of FAKE money and force for what it is. EVP will show others how REAL money and REAL property create REAL wealth distribution and individual freedom. True equality in opportunity and the protection of a society committed to the non-aggression principle.

No amount of lies can cover that ultimate truth. Sooner or later, even those who adamantly support a tyranny of centralized power and collectivism, would learn of its true poverties in their own homes and within their own families. Real poverties of hope and well-being, self-determination and peace experienced time and again by others through history.

When power is granted over another, eventually no one is exempted that evil. This can not be the shared experience of the future. The work of Eternal Vigilance is an important answer to this.

We the People have the power and responsibility to right what we have left wrong for too long. To end the fraud of Fake Money enslavement and neuter a government drunk on it. There are no half measures now. When you protect the individual, you protect yourself and the World.

It is a simple declarative truth.

A truth the Eternal Vigilance Project will spread.

A truth the Money Cartel does not want you to know.

The Declaration of Independence states: “…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,…”


“…Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, ..”

The Eternal Vigilance Project in association with the Art of Liberty Foundation, will bring OUR message directly to the people deprived of it by institutional forces of corporate and government actors.

A truly defined fascism fed by fraudulent Money Cartel debt. Enslaving a people made ignorant to its mechanisms.

Through direct interaction and through the distribution of tools, materials and support, EVP will expose and explain on going frauds on the People which undermine our path to true Freedom. Eternal Vigilance will identify current and historical forces and individual figures at work against a TRULY free and equal world.

Most importantly, the Eternal Vigilance Project will draw the public focus to the issue of REAL money. 

NO freedom, liberty, peace, or measurable equality of any kind can be attained, so long as there exists a class of people who may print and enforce use of FAKE money as debt on others. From this root all other social evils and inequalities stem.

Our First Project –

This first outreach in Vermont and New Hampshire uses a culturally appropriate vehicle of a caravan of haywagons. Based on what is pioneered here, we foresee this concept duplicated anywhere!

Others will use our example to envision their own delivery methods to bring the message of freedom where they live. A clearing house of methods, materials, resources and support is a cornerstone for activism the Eternal Vigilance Project (EVP) can provide for Freedom activists.

Eternal Vigilance in Practice

Today we are preparing to crisscross northern New England, New Hampshire, and Vermont on an information and awareness tour for summer and fall 2020. Organizing and hosting informal rallies, speakers, documentary screenings, and community get-togethers Focusing on REAL money, as the first step in the path to Freedom and Liberty for All!

The Eternal Vigilance Haywagon Tour will break the information monopolies. We will distribute and discuss, suppressed and censored information from books, documents, and evidence of eye witnesses, whistleblowers, and REAL experts from around the world on subjects important to the Freedom of us all. Our haywagons, wherever they are, can be your inspiration in these confusing times! Come out as we pass by your home town to say hi! Follow our events and travels online! Or, pack your tent and come-on along!

Neighbors helping neighbors understand new and historical perspectives on subjects made complex that, in a free honest  environment may not need to be. As Occam’s Razor often proves, confusing information almost always hides dishonest motives and simpler truths. Maybe, we can help you find your own answers? By bringing important information to you directly, that the powerful do not want you to have. What you do with it, could change the world for the better for all of us. We are counting on YOU! We are really the one’s, “all in this together”! The Eternal Vigilance Project is not about Right or Left political dogma. We care about Oppression VS Freedom for all! We stand up for non-aggression!!!

Begin your own journey to understand core principles of the early American experiment in Freedom and what has become the corrupt nature of government run as organized crime today. Timeless ideas and knowledge of Liberty and Voluntarism that transcend the ages have been kept from you and your children in make-work public schools.

Schools and “public” institutions purposefully designed to disable and train a debt slave’s mind rather than, inspire and enlighten a free people to question, explore, and innovate!

For too long we have allowed liars to wrap evil agendas in distorted pleasant truths.  Powerful centralized organizations cannot know what is best for you, your children and your community! Cookiecutter solutions lead to a cookiecutter World. The large non-taxable foundations of the Money Cartel that claim only the noblist intentions do not want you to know the REAL truths they hide. They are powerless when you do!

Fundamental information about who you are and who your ancestors were before this America existed is coming this summer on a hayride! A wagon full of free and disruptive technologies. New knowledge and old rediscovered! New experiences and opportunities! Be inspired again! When you are at your best. So are we all!

This is your birthright and that of your children. Claim it!

Information stolen from you, we are bringing it back one town, one person at a time! One friendship at a time!!!

An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped!

None of the most important knowledge we will carry has been taught in public schools, or even prestigious universities in more than 50 years. Today much of this same information cannot even be spoken in these corrupted “public” environments turned indoctrination camps. As nearly all important industry has, The Fourth Estate of a free America is gone into a Money Cartel controlled monopoly.

The Free Press is gone. A free internet is under unprecedented censorship. Outright and coordinated attacks on independent minds and ideas are now in plain view. We intend to help YOU change that by bringing the tools and information you need to fight back! If you do not consent they can not win.

A Money Cartel (World Central Bank’s elite private owners) print the money we use from thin air. Every dollar they print makes us all poorer. This small silent group fears one thing. Your understanding of their massive fraud and theft of your labor and toil.

Accelerating since its immoral legal fiction was created in 1913, this Money Cartel has used its unlimited printed paper to ensnare, corrupt, and aligned “your” government, crony corporate monopolies, and a media/propaganda machine against you and your freedom!

Extending its reach through time and fake debt to affect the freedom of the entire world. Worse yet today, they are writing debt on your children forever into the future as they steal even more. This system is near its limits right now. We must not allow these same criminals to usher in the new world system of oppression they intend under the cloak of, artificial made real, fear and hate!

All systematic war, oppression, and poverty in the world is a result of these people and evil greed of their fraud and debt system and those who knowingly support it.

They will do anything to hide their immoral acts. Your mind and understanding is the battleground. The haywagons can carry you the information-ammunition you need! They cannot win when you know what they are and what they are doing.

In a world quickly closing in around free people.  We will give you the information to turn the tide in this battle. Information to make yourself your family, friends, and community truly free!   To rediscover what people have known for millennia. Freedom is Popular! We can bring you the tools. But, you must join in the work for us all to be free at last!!!

This is how these people view our world, AND US!!! as theirs;

If you believe you resemble the human-like representations on the left of this diagram, we understand you may not choose to support Eternal Vigilance in your giving this year.

For the rest of the world…

Fund The Eternal Vigilance Haywagon Tour Today! Together we can make a difference. Join us online, in person, however you can! This is just the beginning!

We are not accepting “their New Normal”.

We are not going back to an uneasy slavery either.

As you see us traveling Vermont and New Hampshire shout to us.


Thank you in advance for anything you can do! Want to volunteer, lend equipment or support in any way? Send an email to [email protected]

No Power is so great that the spirit of good people can not overcome it. Evil prevails ONLY when good people fail to act...

Eternal Vigilance - The Price of Freedom


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