July 28, 2020 – Vergennes, Vermont

The Recent Coordinated Resignations of 4 City Council Members Foreshadow a Darker Side of Small City Politics.

By: The Ghost of Matthew Lyon – Via

The Scourge Of Aristocracy and Repository of Important Political Truth  – Fair Haven, Vermont

In regard to the tenure of former mayor Jeff “Kerfuffle” Fritz:
Time line (not in dispute)
– Recent transplant mayor takes office pushes hard left agenda
– Creates distrust with local police chief
– Adopts and attempts to independently implement idea of community police committee
– Directly and using surrogates tries to stack exploratory committee
– Covers up/glosses over open meeting violations
– Gets exposed on public meeting (Matt White 2 min clip)
– Conspires with others for 3 days (details incomplete FOIA forthcoming)
– Sends inappropriate/intimidating communications to city employees (on public channels)
– Threatens other city officials in writing (on public channels)
– Calls second meeting to address subject – of his own volition.
– Displays sociopathic behavior with contradictory, if not insincere apology read into city record.
– Gets caught lying and defaming by evidence presented in rebuttal from his own communications
the day before.
– Immediately resigns.
– Leaves meeting he convened
– Supporters form mob begin issuing veiled and direct threats to victims of the former mayor’s

(to be continued)

It is becoming clear from the recent actions of the former Mayor of Vergennes and his caucus within the Vergennes city council, that a purposeful effort to disrupt city business was conducted via their sequential departure.

Following the mayor’s last act, the mass resignation of the gang of 4 caused a lack of quorum with remaining council. Where the council would have been able to continue with appointed members until the next regular election, the divisive group of 4 have added another burden to the residents, businesses, and staff of the city of Vergennes through their arrogance, hubris or just plain ignorance.

The gang of 4 may have effectively disrupted the business of running the city of Vergennes for a time. However, this departure is very good news. As demonstrated by their leader’s behavior, they don’t much care about you.

This mass resignation will cause city administration to hold special elections. Needless elections at the cost of additional resources and money during these trying times for residents and businesses in Vergennes who are working to make ends meet. Money and resources that could have been directed to real services be damned. They didn’t get their way, and worse yet they got caught.

Still, the speedy departure of collectivist ideologues is the best result Vergennes could have hoped for. Though their action will deal a temporary blow to city services and administration it bodes well for a return to sanity in Vergennes. No gang unconcerned with how they affect their neighbor’s money, freedom, and property has ever lasted long in our midst. At least not as long as my family has been around…

These 4, long-time resident William Benton and relative political newcomers Mark Koenig and Tara Brooks joined former mayor Jeff Fritz in exposing themselves and their true motivations. They have lost their opportunity to leverage our little city for personal political aims and cheap political games. Vergennes can take this opportunity to return to work for the good of the community and the value to the residents of their tax dollars in small efficient administration of public affairs. Ridding the council of the hard costs and absurdity of a virtue signally sociopath at the helm with a small pack of, let’s call it what it is and dispense with niceties, wannabe communist minions. Sorry, “democratic socialist” like there is one once of difference in their path to, “I rule you”. The desire to tell other people what to do and how to live is evil. Vergennes has struck a blow to evil with the departures of this gang.

As Fritz aptly displayed, the danger of such gangs is real. Political animals such as himself and those who followed to make up his troika plus 1 are a danger to all. Even in a little city like Vergennes discord can be sown and divisions fostered if we let them. Seldom do sociopaths tip their hand so fully as did Fritz. Captured on video for all to see during a special meeting called by him. He laid out a flowery apology letter that would bring tears to the eyes of the most hardened social justice warrior. And just as he himself and a room seemingly purposefully filled with residents and academics, waiting at the ready to leap to his defense for earlier transgressions the week before swelled with pride and admiration for Dear Leader. Mr. Fritz ran smack dab into his own words.

In the course of the three days prior, beginning when on the 14th of July, Mr. Fritz was challenged by a few in attendance (here is one such example (2 Min 10 sec – Skip to 1:41:06 – 1:43:16 https://www.vermontcam.org/show/july-14-2020-vcc ). Challenged as to the nefarious origins and machinations of the newly conjured “special” mayor’s exploratory committee for community advisors to police oversight. A “special”, and as we soon found out, “exclusive” committee conveniently stacked with his favorite local members of the American Red Guard/BLM and useful idiots wanton to the cause. Soon after this disorientating experience in the meeting, Mr. Fritz appears to have become unsteady in his mind…

Sometime over the course of the weekend Mr. Fritz began a private tirade. A tirade that spilled onto Vergennes city public channels by Sunday including inappropriate and unsolicited communications to the City Manager. His hissy fit was in reference to a “kerfuffle” (Fritz’s word dismissive of the severity his actions) about his Red Guard/BLM committee included threats to “take to the woodshed” sitting city aldermen of generational representation and high standing. An independent investigation is

Now is where our story takes shape. The result of former mayor Fritz’s unsteadiness of the weekend tirade was the next order of business in the special city council meeting. Public records including inappropriate messages and memes were now standing in stark contrast to the moving speech of the still then Mayor.

Seldom do you witness a sociopath commit such complete and utter political suicide before your eyes in public real-time.

It was the political equivalent of a man first tying his rope firmly, stepping to the stool, slipping his own head in the noose and flipping his mount. Fritz stood in momentary awe of himself as he witnessed his own words tightening around his neck in front of his room full of virtue signaling virtual supporters. Some were so aghast by what they saw/heard just after wiping tears of joy and admiration for Dear Leader that their faces went blank. Some so shaken that when “their” mayor moved for his own resignation and immediately zoomed from the room. They fumbled with papers trying desperately to reword their oaths to Leader to try and save some face for the cause. One such flustered woman (Ms Rey) continued anyway with her prepared statement in utter absence of her focus. It was something to behold.

Cults are a funny thing. Statism from the “I rule you” crowd is just that. The minions think they are going to get a utopia by stealing from others and telling them what to do with their lives and property. You know,,, enforcing the “social contract”. By the way,,, did any of you sign that thing??? I didn’t think so… And, if you did that’s fine. Have fun with that. Most of these minions don’t have the good sense to come out of the rain.

So, as they delude themselves with more “hope and change heroin” all they really get is a crap job and a Dear Leader looking to buy another Rolls-Royce and capture the next sucker to his fold… Fools all. The more education time spent away from hard science, the more hopeless they become to help themselves. Scarily, these folks become more adamant that you must listen to them at the same time.

Don’t. Trust yourself. They are not experts on your life. No one can be but you!

Now many of these smarter folks even think it is ok to spin-up the mentally unstable into violence. Crazy talk will take you there if you let it. Sadly for the rest of us, many do not understand what is really happening to them. How the very rich are using the complicit, the poor, and the fools to attack the middle. It is a global effort to control the last bits of freedom and property by any means necessary. Climate, pandemic and monetary terrorism notwithstanding. Warfare and Welfare are the tools of despots.

Don’t worry. We know what they are doing in our little town and we intend to make an
example of them nationally. The time has come to expose the leftist take over in Vermont of the last 50 years for what it is, a testing ground for a new oligarchic neo-feudalism. We have all the dirt on them. This is going to be fun! Everybody get’s to play as the lies are shown.

Have a look at how these people view you. *Here is a little hint. The stick figures on the left side
of this equation is most likely not you!!!! Want to live as a peasant in a neo-feudalist hell with no property rights or rights to your own self-determination? Keep supporting these creeps and listening to their propaganda, lies, and twisted meaningless drivel.

Promises of something for nothing are classic. Oh you are going to get something alright, and end up with nothing but a sore backside.

Another Hint, in case you need a BIG one, you are the slaves on the right. But, don’t worry you are all flavors of slave. Real equality! Just what you always wanted!!! Hey, Middlebury College taught it with money donated from the Rockefellers and the Bostwicks. It must be true! Pay special attention to the bottom arrow on the infographic. The gray arc flowing from right to left. Find any irony? Does that look like the wealth equality they preach to you?

Make no mistake, the people involved in this global slavery scheme are directly tied to local Addison County Foundations and “non-profits”. This is their home too, after all. What better test bed than to experiment on your neighbors? An interesting term “non-profit”, it greatly depends on how you define “profit”. The currency of these people is power over you, not money. They can print all they want of that as debt on your labors. This must end. It is the greatest scam in history. They believe us such fools now as to discuss it openly while dancing at Versailles. They have every right to be confident as we consume their schooling, ingest their monopoly media, and participate in the fights they designate along the dividing lines they create for us. “Woke”, what a fabulously interesting term…

It is time to consider you have been lied to. Lied to, systematically on a generational scale spanning a century.

Now, if that does not matter to you, and these ideologies and narratives have truly become a religion of State for you. And, you truly do not care that you are working to bring in just the kind of oligarchic authoritarian fascist state you claim to abhor, then solider on. But If so, you and I are going to have big problems… See I don’t want anybody to be a slave – not to the government, you, or the happy stick figures in the money printing club on the left side of our instructive little picture here.

Maybe it is time for the little people to stop letting the big people make us fight on the
playground while they take our lunch money? How about that???

Back to poor victimized Jeff Fritz… It is important to paint the picture because the words you are now hearing of blaming others and throwing fits coming from leftist in the area and supporters of the former mayor all need this context. To those people all I can say is you should feel lucky Fritz’s real name was not Jim Jones. Count your stars that you did not actually get to the kool-aid part of the show yet… Sadly, most including some of the mentally ill in the ranks, will barely feel embarrassment or recognize the err in the man and, the evil in his message. Such is the way with the religion of State. That of enemies foreign and domestic as warned by the founders of this country. Those bent on enslaving you by controlling your land and money, even your children’s minds and bodies “by any means necessary”. It is the cult of Alinsky’s dreams. A danger for all who wish to live in peaceful voluntary interaction with their neighbors and the world.

In no uncertain terms Fritz threw the switch and fried himself. You should care that those that, assisted with, and would continue his twisted works on our small city are investigated fully and exposed. Whether their actions were by careful design or ignorance the danger to freedom is the same. Useful idiots are not exempted by their ignorance in their actions. No matter how much we might pity their plight through the indoctrination I have described, they are to be regarded as dangerous as those devious ones who are truly complicit like Fritz. We have tolerated the advancement of real evil for too long. Those who wish to control others are truly evil. In the name of Ethan Allen and Matthew Lyon they must be routed.

If you doubt, or are coming to this information for the first time, Watch the first 30 minutes of this meeting (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ye0aQ48wVIo) and see Fritz’s true nature revealed. Then ask yourself; do you prefer people who are honest when they speak to you even if you disagree or, do you prefer mealy mouth scam artists like Dear Departed Leader? To all out there who somehow think Fritz, and the rest of the rats have been wronged as they ran off the ship they were trying to sink, I will tell you the generational strength in Vergennes is only equaled by its tolerance. Thus far you have seen years of tolerance for BS blatherskite (one of Jon Yarnell’s favorite words). Now prepare to meet the other end of the bull and spectrum of our generational resolve for Freedom and Liberty. Meet the horns! To quote my attorney Lazlo, “I am nice, until I am not.”

So as Fritz, bangs and clangs his way out the door, be sure to tell him to make sure it does not hit him in the …. Then tell his supporters. Sleepytime is over. Put on your big boy and big girl pants and get busy making things right in your own lives as the first step to making things right in the world.

In defense of my family, friends, and my own, and through that, your freedom too, I promise a ruthless and tenacious fight. Hide your crimes against the People as best you can, creeps. We are coming. Be it known we are just getting started. This entire collectivist neo-feudal thieving ring is about to go for a ride in some rough seas. When we finish cleaning the bilge and righting the ship, make no mistake the parasites will be gone. Here comes the light to every corner of Vergennes to start.

That start is with getting one thing crystal clear. If you judge by race on any level, you are the racist. Live with it. Don’t create problems where they don’t exist because you saw it on tv or even got it from an Ivy league indoctrination camp.

Until you understand that the money printers are the enemy, you are just in the way.

The Ghost of Matthew Lyon

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