Executive Summary:

The Thick Red Line project is an effort to restore respect for law enforcement by abolishing victimless crime. We are concerned for the safety of both the police and the public in the wake of the George Floyd riots.  We believe we have a solution that safeguards both and dramatically reduces the amount of violence in society while reducing costs to the tax payer, dramatically reduces the prison population, and frees up the police to focus on real crime.

 Victimless Crimes are Not Really Crimes… And Make the Cops the Criminals

A real crime, by definition, has a perpetrator and a victim: murder, assault, rape, theft, and extortion are all obvious crimes because there is a victim.  The “government” frequently institutes illogical, immoral and counter-productive “laws” (politician scribbles) that penalize peaceful, non-violent people for “crimes” that have no victim.  Drug possession, gambling, and making arrests for ignoring Covid-19 lock down and social distancing orders are examples of victimless crimes where politicians attempt to get police to use violence immorally and preemptively on overwhelmingly peaceful people frequently to raise revenue.  When the police use violence and coercion against peaceful people for victimless crimes it makes the cops the criminals who are engaged in kidnapping and extortion under the color of law.

The Solution – The Thick Red Line Pledge

 To restore the trust and faith in the police, we are suggesting that individual Sheriffs, police chiefs, deputies, police officers and elected officials organize their colleagues and departments through their union and/or collectively without the union into a department-wide refusal to enforce any law or regulation that doesn’t have a real victim. This would dramatically reduce the violence in society committed by the police, reduce the influence of organized crime by getting rid of drug, gambling and prostitution markets, and dramatically reduce the almost 500,000 people incarcerated for victimless crimes who are frequently forced to work as slave labor in for-profit prisons.

Draft – The Thick Red Line Pledge – Draft

The officers of this department recognize natural law and understand that it is morally and logically impossible for the government or our badge to confer rights upon us that the population does not have and cannot delegate.  We pledge to only act to protect lives, liberty and property.  We renounce the use of violence on peaceful people and refuse to enforce:

  • victimless crimes including prohibitions on sales of substances or services between consenting adults, gambling, mandated masks, possession of firearms, accidentless “speeding” or other victimless traffic infractions.
  • mandated medical interventions including forced vaccination, mandated social distancing, or closure of businesses based on alleged public health issues.
  • Seizure of money or property through asset forfeiture.
  • Mandated tax stickers, emissions testing, insurance regualtions and other government-revenue collection where the government does’t have a willing counter-party.

Funds Needed: $5000… Stretch Goal: $10,000

Spent to Date: $500

Uses and Proceeds

Website Design, Admin & Hosting: $1000

Graphic Design, Writing, Project Management and PR Campaign including Jackalope Freedom Festival, Anarcon: $1500

Design, Printing, and Distribution of THICKREDLINE Starter Kits: $2000

Design, Printing and Distribution of V2 THICKREDLINE Cards4Cops: $500

Stretch Goal:$10,000 

– Include translation of website, pledge, and Cards4Cops into foreign languages. 

Please contact us directly if you would like to bump your country or language to the top of the list! $5000 donation gets you a producer credit!


About the THICKREDLINE Project


The Thick Red Line Project is a non-partisan, start-up public policy organization that promotes voluntary, free market solutions to societal problems from a principled voluntaryist perspective of self-ownership, natural law, and the Non Aggression Principal We are fundraising for a meme, flyer/cards4cops and website campaign that is organizing Sheriff and police departments into collective peaceful civil disobedience abolishing the enforcement of victimless crimes. The campaign explains to police natural law rights in easy-to-understand terms and feature the testimony of voluntaryist police officers who have left the profession after realizing the current immorality of the job and how this pledge would restore nobility to those who are able to stand strong. Finally, the website will explore privatization and alternatives to monopoly policing including privatization of police departments, private security and innovative, entrepreneurial free market alternatives like the Detroit Threat Management Center.