The Immorality of Victimless Crimes


Victimless Crimes are Not Really Crimes… And Make the Cops the Criminals



A real crime, by definition, has a perpetrator and a victim: murder, assault, rape, theft, and extortion are all obvious crimes because there is a victim.  The “government” frequently institutes illogical, immoral and counter-productive “laws” (politician scribbles) that penalize peaceful, non-violent people for “crimes” that have no victim.



Drug possession, gambling, beach fires, and making arrests for ignoring Covid-19 lock down and social distancing orders are examples of victimless crimes where politicians attempt to get police to use violence and extortion immorally and preemptively on mostly peaceful people frequently to raise revenue.  When the police use violence and coercion against peaceful people for victimless crimes it makes the cops the criminals who are engaged in kidnapping and extortion under the color of law.


The Monopoly Police Frequently Kill, Kidnap and Imprison People for Victimless Crimes


Kelly Thomas, Rashard Brooks, and Eric Garner are just a few


Rashard Brooks – Atlanta, Georgia – United States
Victimless Crime:
  Falling Asleep in a Drive Through



Video Clip:




Kelly Thomas– Santa Ana, California- United Sates


Victimless crime: Not Understanding the Instructions to sit down due to his Mental Illness



Video Clip:



Eric Garner– New York City, New York- United States


Victimless Crime: Selling Untaxed Cigarrettes



video Clip: 



Oscar Grant – Oakland, California-United States


Victimless Crime: Being on the wrong Train and the wrong time



Video Clip: 



Tamir Rice– Cleveland, Ohio- United States


Victimless Crime: Playing with his toy 



Video Clip: 



Philando Castile– St. Anthony, Minessota- United States


Victimless Crime: Broken Tail Light



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Walter Scott– North Charlestone, South Carolina- United States


Victimless Crime: Broken Tail Light



Video Clip: 



Al-Bishara– Chatsworth, Atlanta-United States


Victimless Crimes: Cutting Dandelions for Her Salad



Alex Wublles– Salt Lake City, Utah- United States


Victimless Crime: Doing Her Job