August 28, 2020

Machiavelli – Mexican Drug Cartels – AND, an Instant End to Violent Globalist Revolution in America

The Ghost of Matthew Lyon
The Scourge Of Aristocracy and Repository of Important Political Truth – Fair Haven, Vermont

Do you want this monetary/economic/COVID magic show to end?

It is a simple task but, first understand this.

Movie Clip – The Untouchables – “the Chicago Way” (IPFS link)

Now that we have shook hands. I will explain….

Machiavelli, the Mexican Drug Cartels, and the Globalist all share a clear understanding of how to win. Our greater numbers mean nothing without this same knowledge and understanding.

Until you come to accept that all of media is designed to obscure your enemy from sight, and distract your focus from your own freedom. You are hopelessly enslaved.

Once you understand this, the causes and effects ruling life today are easy to understand.

There is a very small class of people who can print money into existence. By that power alone dictate all ownership and governance. It is a power we have willingly relinquished in our minds. A power these very few people have leveraged against your lives for generations now. It is so engrained in societies of the world, that it is nearly impossible to consider the simplicity of a final solution to curing its elemental injustice for all time.

The knowledge of the function of money is the knowledge of exchange between people. It was not taught in your school and your children know nothing of it.

Currency is a construct. Not all currency is Money. Currency can be fair in opportunity or, it can be a tool of tyranny. In our system today we live with currency being the ultimate tool of tyranny. Our currency, the World’s reserve, the US “dollar” is; by definition, NOT Money today.

It is not money as a thing that is the issue. It is not who possesses more than whomever else. It is the nature of the currency we call “money” today. Its means of creation and control. Its insidious nature in human interaction through a maintained “FAKE” perception. BUT most of all, it is the criminality of the Money Cartel itself that is the apex of the issue. A Cartel made up of living, breathing, people transacting in evil that enslaves all the rest.

You will need to read more to begin your own journey to understand the principles of money and what makes it REAL and FAKE.

Today, I am here to explain to you how to stop a global collectivist revolution in our midst, and just how simple a task it is…

The type of War on America that started in February this year, is the same type of war that has been accomplished by the Money Cartel prominently twice before. You can easily read about these fomented uprisings of the Russian Bolsheviks and the Chinese Communists. How they were directly supported by the Money Cartel detailed in the works of Antony Sutton and many other suppressed scholars. All you have to do is take the time to look beyond what the collusive media and schools have shown you. It is RIGHT THERE to see!

Each time the Money Cartel engage the evil to convince the weak-minded to work against their own interest. They convinced the Russians and the Chinese to believe in some future Utopia. They funded it with money printed as debt on other free people. In the case of both Russia and China, in less than 80 years (less than 50 for China) each resulted in an authoritarian oligarchy and a slave labor technocracy, respectively.

It is happening RIGHT NOW in America.

Not only is the free beacon of the world at risk from these exact same tactics. We are in the late stages of its execution. They do not call it Agenda 2030 for no reason. The useful idiots are in the streets and the evil have bank accounts filled with freshly printed money waiting for us to fail. “Money” to buy the last of our property and freedom and pledge it to their Global government/Money Cartel masters for a little better life than the rest of the slaves… Evil.

At play this time is the last semi-free population on Earth and the ability to convert the debt piled upon them into ultimate control of the World.

Sounds, extreme? It is really not. After 4 generations of intense public schooling and degenerative media infotainment propaganda, most American’s believe these debts and their monetary foundations to be real.

The vast majority of the FAKE printed “bailout” money is in the hands of the administrative classes waiting to buy the assets of a formerly free people at foreclosure auction in the coming months and years.

In a non-delicate way, you must understand.

The American people are the fatted pig who has been just been stuck… Your adrenalin rushes as you bleed out hoping to find a place to hide from that small pain in the neck you felt and ran from. The butcher sits back, and lights a cigarette…

What the Mexican Drug Cartels get right, is right.

What are YOU willing to do to protect the ideas behind the Declaration of Independence and your own freedom? Until you understand who your enemy is you have no hope of winning…
Your enemy is no one you have likely ever heard of by name before.
We are going to change that…

Your enemy are the powerful who sit above the rich.

Currency is their tool. It is not Bill Gates or Buffet or Bezos or Soros / (pick your villain) in the end. It is the ones who print the “money” to allow, or buy the monopolies, for these favored soldiers to operate. They are the dark shadow upon the world. They are the families of those who own the central banks of the world who control all government and business through the means of exchange and FAKE money.

They are the omnipresent monopoly of all things. They are the masters of a grand chess board where nation-states are a fiction for YOU to believe in. They are the Money Cartel, the enslavers of all production and resources. The leg and body behind Orwell’s boot.

They are not impossible to identify. They do not yet reside on Mars.

They are “Touchable”.

You may know some of them. They are of this earth and will return to it as will you and I. The “great” banking families are intertwined with royalty and aristocracies of the organized religions throughout the world. Their mecca is Davos where only their disciples gather as they remain behind the curtains in shadows.

A small collection of the “great” and most ruthless generational psychopaths and fraudsters the human race has ever known.

They are those who can see a “win” of world domination through their ancestral fraud on the near horizon as long as we (the masses ignorant to them), remain as we are, silent or squabbling along dividing lines they have created for us.

If you are a human being and when you print money at your house you get arrested for counterfeiting???

YOU are YOU, an individual, nothing more, nothing less. Rights do not come to “groups”. “Groups” are used to divided us, BY THEM!
If you think and act in terms of race, etc… YOU ARE A USEFUL IDIOT or an EVIL PARTICIPANT! It doesn’t matter which…
Expect to be dealt with accordingly when you come for my last bits of freedom.

To be stopped, the Cartel’s children must bear the weight of their parent’s evil pride. For otherwise, they are sure to continue in their parent’s footsteps of despotism and ruin for the rest of us. Renounce, expose, and dissolve the trusts of evil gains or get what’s coming.

Let’s make ready for when they are defeated, our safeguards must be such to protect the true history of this moment and teach future generations in ways that ends this class of people’s power over others for all time. History written immutable if for no other lessen than to explain;

Any means of exchange between people, (Money) must always be honest and REAL. Beyond the control of the FEW.

Let us be ever watchful of the traits of psychopaths and their sociopathic followers among us. To never allow them to achieve wide power over mankind again by means of currency or government that allows them the tools of oppression and war unlimited…

As Machiavelli knew centuries ago, so too do the “brutal” Mexican Drug Cartels.

Direct threat to person, kith, and kin is preeminently effective!

The Mexican’s are condemned for murder and destruction by the same media that praises it for governments. There is no denying the effectiveness of eliminating the power of those who hide behind others to take your freedom.

The Cartels largely do not fight the Mexican forces. They in the most Machiavellian way, go after the judges, leaders, and families of those that send them in their stead.

The owners of the Central Banks are no different. The only difference is the scale.

While the Mexican cartels operate just below the threshold of overthrowing the government and, are obvious tools of other interest (including the US CIA), they are effective in maintaining their relative freedom within that system.

*Stop whining. I am not defending the members of the Cartel and what bad they do to innocents,,, I am explaining the tactic. So catch up! And pay attention!

Now, The American People who have a history of, and responsibility to, Freedom and Liberty have been acting like, or accepting the behavior, of fatted pigs for too long. The fat, weak, and lazy in the country absolutely deserve to be stuck in the neck for “democratically” allowing endless war and FAKE money hegemony foisted all over the World in the name of private empire for the Money Cartel. All just so they can buy what they can’t afford and demand their neighbor pay for it.

We did this or allowed it to happen on our watch. We need to fix it!

We allowed the money of the world to be taken over by a Cartel that appeased us just enough. “Cashed your latest $600 dollar check yet?” We have become intellectually lazy. We have let financialization and debt rule.

The question is: What are YOU going to do about it?

None of the fat on the American back is paid for. It is all borrowed from the children of the future on FAKE debt stuck to them when they take their first breath. Debt that through this system, allows the printers of it to control all that is bought with it.

It must be rejected.

But with that so to, you must reject the premise, ease, and seduction of FAKE money/”credit”. No more “freebees”. No more mass credit/debt enslavement. No more government directly spending then taxing us after the fact. A farce of “democratic” rule. It is just RULE. It is just ENSLAVEMENT for all. Stealing from future generations is worse. It is immoral. Credit is between individuals who deal in real value. There is NO safety net with REAL money.

You must accept that.

Now here is the upside. REAL Money = Freedom and Equality. Freedom and equality have little to do with comfort or security. Get used to it. It is coming whether you like it, or not.

What are YOU willing to do?

The Majority of American’s have been living far beyond their means in any real terms. Why shouldn’t they? Everyone else is doing it… We are about to find out “WHY” on a societal basis. You better get ready and make your peace with it. Those the most leveraged will have to accept that there is coming a reckoning. Whether we choose to initiate it now ourselves, or wait until our blood floods out completely to the pig pen mud as we run for cover from the smoking butcher. It is coming…

You want to stop the Marxist Idiots in the streets trying to make us all 3-time losers and join the Russians and the Chinese???

  • Cut off their funding.
    • You want to cut off their funding.
        • Cut off some shoulder height appendages of the families of the Money Cartel.

The support will stop immediately.

Don’t stop there… Dissolve their trusts and foundations and auction every last fraudulently acquired asset and encumbrance on freedom back to a truly free market. Dump it!

The next day?

  • Culture war in America over.
    • We start over…
      • Enter at own risk….

You will be amazed how spontaneous order in a free society can work if given a try!!! We don’t need them. We don’t need anybody. We just need to be free to work with everybody.

Jefferson warned us.

AND Jackson, was the last to beat the Money Cartel back successfully in killing the 2nd Bank of the United States with Mr. Biddle its front man for the criminal Cartel…

Not until we kill the criminal Central Banks will humanity have a chance to heal, recover, and find its free and spontaneous order. Expect great pain either way. Like a rotten tooth, we have waited too long to avoid pain in the cure…

  • “He pulls a knife.
    • YOU pull a gun.
      • He sends one of yours to the hospital.
        • YOU send one of his to the Morgue…”
          Sean Connery as Jim Malone – The Untouchables (1987)
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