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Complete thread on the conception of Eternal Vigilance in email thread format.

We’re ready. Will you spread the word? – VT-NH Project – Eternal Vigilance

We’re ready. Will you spread the word? – VT-NH Project – Eternal Vigilance

Friday 29th, 2020

Will you share this with your networks ASAP?

 Simply, forwarding this email would be fine.

Please post wherever you are sharing, a link to the Go Fund Me.

 We are asking all our media friends to write a story or, include blurb with link in content about the ET/Haywagon Tour.

(M.N. Gordon has already done one. https://economicprism.com/this-is-a-full-societal-breakdown/ It got picked up by David Stockman this morning.)

 Now is when we need your help. We have enough support to extend our reach.

Howard and I are looking for leads for interviews or podcast appearances to get the word out. Can you help?

Please send any contacts you have. (or forward them this email)


Go fund me: https://www.gofundme.com/f/eternal-vigilance-vt-nh-haywagon-tour

ET/Hay Deck: https://government-scam.com/vermont-new-hampshire-haywagon-ride-shovel-ready-liberty-project/

Story I wrote yesterday: https://www.theburningplatform.com/2020/05/28/love-freedom-it-is-ok-to-hate-you-part-1/

 I hope to hear from you with contacts and leads that might help us connect to more…

 I really appreciate you sticking with this project thread all spring leading up to this!

 Have a good weekend, AND, Thanks!


Eternal Vigilance NOW or NEVER - May 29 deadline

Friday, May 22, 2020

It’s go-time!

 Here is a link you can share with your friends who care about Freedom, RIGHT NOW!


Goal: Raise 100K to insure a launch and 30 days on the road.

50K to ready, and 50 for the show. (details in the link)

 Deadline: May 29th

First Milestone;

If we can raise 50 by next Friday between us, we will start a public funding campaign immediately. If it raises beyond expenses, we will offer rebates to early sponsors as we go.

 How much can you pledge ___________? (if you have already responded I have your number on the sheet)

Have, or know a great Real-Money/Freedom oriented business?

How about a title sponsorship? (call me in the US 772-218-0859)

We expect a lot of content hitting the web from “haywagon hijinks”.

I will speak with anyone you send to us and answer all questions personally anytime, day or night next week.


In California, over the last 6 weeks Howard has exposed viral lies at hospitals, and helped inspire a movement beginning with just 10 individuals that is now a massive “open up” rebellion.

The focus now shifts to New England and Eternal Vigilance. We intend to make an even greater impact, with your help this summer and fall.

 I have no qualms… We are up against 100+ year entrenched foe with seemingly unlimited resources. I don’t care… Failure is not an option!

 In this information war for the hearts and minds of our neighbors, we are truly the ones who are, “all in this together”.

We are that tireless minority of the PEOPLE who understand the components of Freedom.

The irate, who will not yield to tyranny… 

The International Money Cartel is now using governments at all levels, and a virus to make a massive play for control.

We dare not delay!

I do not feel I am exaggerating to echo, “we hang together or most assuredly we shall hang separately.”

Each day our own money is devalued and used to enslave us further. You can use it for good today before more of its value is gone tomorrow.

Support this cause!

Each new fake dollar is but one more assault on freedom…

While we are on the subject, every day of Julian Assange’s captivity is another day of personal shame… We endure now enumerable such daily assaults on our shared values. It is time to take back our power from tyrants. We do that by first talking to our neighbors face to face Come what may!

Peace, Love, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for you and yours is up to each of us, through our own vigilance.

A vigilance lacked…

A vigilance that can be regained…

                Freedom is popular!

Our Independent natures have delayed our organization as the collectivists and their useful idiots have flourished among us. We must change that!

I hope you can join in this effort and bring others to this cause for a successful fund raise by next week. 

MAY 29th Mark the date. This effort needs funding to activate…  

Make a pledge and tell a friend as soon as you can.

Thank you!

Matt White


Eternal Vigilance Haywagon plans Rides to New Hampshire - Larry Parks - New article from Matt

 Thursday, April 30, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Since my last email we have joined with the Art of Liberty Foundation to expand the reach of Eternal Vigilance/Haywagon project to New Hampshire this summer. (Details in attached PDF) 

Please spread the word to those that would support this project with money and/or other resources.

We would like to welcome Larry Parks to our group! If you do not know Larry? Learn more him here www.fame.org and www.larryparks.com

Eternal Vigilance, is not about going back to the way things have been in the run up to this crash. This project started long before the virus as did, the theft of economic freedom.

I am sure nearly everyone in this group has known this type of catalyst event has been coming, in one form or another, for a very long time.

The wait is over. The time for action is now.

This is about NOT letting those that have created the problem be the only ones offering solutions for the future.

This is about the future of freedom. Without more people getting involved. There won’t be any.

The Haywagon will bring people to the cause, one smiling face at a time by reaching out to real people in their home towns while streaming the experience to the world.

This can spread!

Maybe it is a haywagon in Vermont and New Hampshire???  Maybe by horseback in Nevada or Texas.  By ski or mountain bike, in Colorado. Or, surf or skateboard in California.

The vehicle may be different but the template and message can be the same. We need to build that template for others!

Real Money is the Path to Freedom.  We can show others how to make that message their own through whatever delivery vehicle is culturally best for them.

For those of you who have not yet responded,,, we need your help too.

Thank you for staying on the list and listening! I do appreciate each of you in what you already do! I respect your opinions greatly!



New article from me: If Your Government was Allowed to CARES – Part 2 – The Burning Platform.

(https://www.theburningplatform.com/2020/04/27/if-your-government-was-allowed-to-cares-part-2 )

Thanks for the replies - Most valuable hour- Good Friday to you!

Friday, April 10, 2020

Good Friday to you! Thanks for all the replies I received this week. I really appreciated it!

 I know your time is precious.

 Corbett’s assessment today may be most valuable hour you will spend this weekend.


If his, at all mirrors your understanding of current events, please help me do something about it.

Help me take the message of Eternal Vigilance to David Rockefeller’s daughter’s doorstep in Vermont this summer.

I intend to rouse the peasants of her neo-feudalist lab that used to be the free republic of my family, Vermont.

With trillions flying around, I find it hard to believe, we wouldn’t be able to raise a lousy 100K to try this?

We need to make these criminals and their supporters un-comfortable in their public lies and private truths to the people that live under them.

Fear, calculation, and inaction are not luxuries we have for much longer…

Choose your own analogy. As a skier and racer, I say, “when gate drops the BS stops.” Right now, my poles are planted and the butterflies are swarming in my belly… Let’s get some! 

If you have action plans?  Please let me know… I will help!

Have the best weekend you can! Hug your people! And, shake somebody’s hand tell them, “we got this”!



Short reply please - Eternal Vigilance must move forward.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

It always starts in Vermont…. And, I have explained why in this thread.

Vermont has started a worrisome trend.

(https://www.zerohedge.com/political/government-decide-what-items-are-essential-purchases-and-what-things-youre-not-allowed )

I have made my case over several months beginning in October of last year as to the importance of this project. Beginning with the organization of my thoughts in, Funding your own Enslavement – the Curse of Liberty Ignored (10-31-19) to today, and this message.

I have great respect for you and that is why I want to hear from you on this at any capacity.

 Will you help me take the fight to them on the ground?

We are running out of time to start to push back before they impose more restrictions. They are moving fast.

I need an advisory board. We need to raise money to pay for; set-up, food, fuel, and fixes on the road.

In the face of the greatest theft in human history. Will you help find those resources to fight back for freedom?

Let’s take this fight to the globalist’s doorstep in Vermont. We need to win back the people to Liberty through truth.

As the people’s manipulated and constructed lives begin to collapse, their minds will open to new possibilities for the future.

We need be there with the message Liberty, if we want any hope for our own and our children’s futures to be free.

Thank you for all you are already doing in your life to support freedom. It inspires me.

Love in Liberty,

Matt White – Matthew Lyon’s Ghost – Trive – Eternal Vigilance

Vermont bans seed purchases for spring - Support Eternal Vigilance! - How you got Bernie Sanders - Being right is not fun anymore

Friday, April 3, 2020

I am pissed!

Thomas Jefferson:

“For my own part, I consider these laws as merely an experiment on the American mind, to see how far it will bear an avowed violation of the Constitution.”

Dave is my life-long friend. Longer than that our souls are tied…

He is an alderman in our ancestral home, the city of Vergennes Vermont.

His family and mine have been, and fought, bastards and scoundrels. And, any others challenging freedom from before the founding of this country.

It is in our blood.

From Dave 5 minutes ago… (Emphasis mine)


After well over 200 years, this is what it has finally come to:
-Seeds. Peppers, Tomato, Kale, Cabbage, Spinach. Glad I got them going back in early March. As of now here in VT, seeds and gardening supplies are deemed “Non-Essential” by decree of Montpelier. Areas are already roped off in big box stores.

-Most small retailers have also been ordered closed.
Farmers Markets are also closed by state order.
Shelter in Place. What started out as a recommendation now can result in a $1000 fine or jail time, dependent on local law enforcement and state’s attorney discretion.
-For the biggest business in Vergennes though, it’s business as usual. Collins Aerospace does business with the airlines and federal government. Wait a minute, thought we weren’t supposed to be flying around all over spreading COVID-19…I guess they are “essential”…
-A District Court Judge has suspended all hearings seeking writ of possession by landlords attempting eviction. Numerous local and state elected officials are openly advocating for tenants to cease paying rent. Mortgages and credit card payments? Now that’s another story…
Our families eked out a living here from the beginning. Then fought, bled, and died for it. My own father, as a 17 year old Army Pfc,  spent 6 months in a Prisoner of War Camp in Occupied Poland during WWII. I have served 7 terms as an Alderman here.

They are not going to take it away from us. It is in our hands now.

Raw links from Dave today:






A Vergennes jail cell is the origin of the Thomas Jefferson presidency. Did you know that?

Matthew Lyon (the Spitting Lyon) was imprisoned in Vergennes as the first victim of the Alien and Sedition act BS.

He had inflicted John Adams with “hate speech” in a letter. Think this shite just started? Think again!

After passing the reprehensible “law”, Adams had a political crony publish the “hate speech” letters written earlier by Lyon.

Since the publish date of the “hate speech” was after the law took effect. Lyon was immediately arrested, tried, and put in the Vergennes jail.

“…he wrote that President Adams had “a continual grasp for power [and] unbounded thirst for ridiculous pomp, foolish adulation and selfish avarice“ and that Adams would eliminate people from office whom he disagreed, proclaiming that “men of real merit [are] daily turned out of office for no cause other than independence of sentiment.”

In the official case file, United States vs. Matthew Lyon, the author wrote that Lyon was;

“being a malicious and seditious person, and of a depraved mind and wicked and diabolical disposition, and deceitfully, wickedly and maliciously contrived to defame the Government of the United States, and with intent to design to defame the said Government of the United States, and John Adams, the President into contempt and disrepute; and with intent and design to excite, against the said Government and President the hatred of the good people of the United States, and to stir up sedition in the United States…”

Matthew Lyon’s public letter to Adams, printed 59 minutes before 1 AM March 4, 1801 ~ 1 MINUTE AFTER Adam’s Presidency

“Fellow citizen:

….you came to the administration, sir, under the most favorable auspices at a time…when this country was considered an asylum for the oppressed of all nations, and there was a great influx of foreign riches, industry and ingenuity; when this country was happy in the freedom of speech and of the press; when the Constitution was considered a barrier against legislative, executive and judicial encroachments… before offices, places and contracts, were considered as the executive right of the favorite caste. Reflect a little, sir, and see this awful change made four short years… your mad zeal for monarchy, your love for pomp, your unhappy selection of favorites, your regardlessness of the public treasure… has divided the people into parties and fostered among them envy , malice and rancorous hatred toward each other…”

“under your administration, sir, a system of appointments have been established by which implicit faith in your infallibility and a knack for discoloring the truth became the only qualification to office, or to entitle a person to a contract.”

“perhaps in no one instance has our constitution, our sacred bill of rights, been more shamefully, more barefacedly trampled on, then in the case of the passage of the bill called the Sedition law. This, sir, was your darling hobbyhorse. By this law you expected to have all your follies, your absurdities, and your atrocities buried in oblivion. You thought by its terrorism to shut the mouths of all but sycophants and flatterers, and to secure yourself in the presidency at least; but I’ll happily have you been disappointed-, the truth has issued from many a patriot pen and press -and you have fallen, never, never to rise again”


My ancestor and uncle by marriage to Lyon, Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys offered to burn the jail to the ground to free him.

Lyon said no. He was later elected from that jail cell to Congress! Read about it here.

When the presidential election of 1800 came to a 3rd round vote in the Congress. Lyon cast the deciding vote to elect Jefferson. One of our first and few blows to the Hamiltonian Federalist slime that now rules us.

Except for another brief respite under Andrew Jackson in the 1830’s with the destruction of the 2nd bank and a rebuke of Biddle. We haven’t won a FRICKING battle since.

Do you ever feel like Groucho Marx when someone asks a political question today? How about Ron Paul on a debate stage trying to explain fiat money centralization , foreign policy, blowback and endless wars in 30 seconds??? I do! And well I am sorry, but this is important. READ ON!

They want our ideas and independence dead even more than they want us dead.

What are you going to do?

I hate being right. It always starts in Vermont and from the Rockefellers now-a-days. They are making the play with all the marbles. All we have is our wits and maybe the people, if we get off our asses and go to them. Will you help? Sacred Fortune and Honor is at stake here. Hang together or hang separately.

I can have a caravan of motivated Green Mountain Boys mobilized in a couple of months to stand up to this once and for all. In little States the cops will have to shoot people they grew up with for their words and natural/god given freedoms . That is where we start winning this.  Whether they shoot first or not. 

We should have not let politicians do away with the duel. It made them put their life behind their mouth. Principled men will fight for scared truths at that level. What we have now??? A joke. I may not count out Massie completely. But that is it.

This is real

It is coming to your home town and families too. The globalist just like to stick their toes in the waters of western free people first in a State they “think” they own, Vermont.

How do you think you got Bernie Sanders nationally. Nap time is over.

Eternal Vigilance!

Let’s get to work. Don’t let them gain any more ground before we are there too!

This is a battle for the minds of our neighbors.

They do not stand a chance against us once roused for liberty or death!


Matt White


Caitlin Johnstone - You - Freedom - the other guy - Eternal Vigilance/Trive - more support!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

*Please share this as you think best. We can use more support! Thanks!

Internal check points are going up in the country while many sit in their homes.  

Habeas Corpus is primed to be extinguished after 805 years.

The real economy has been outlawed under the lie of essential business”.  (what a crock!)

Physical detention and fiscal slavery are now in play.

This is no drill.  The virus works well as a next step in Funding our Own Enslavement.

We need to take control of the Money and all the stolen equity or they will continue to use its power against us.

We need the people to do it. At least a, “

We hang together or we hang separately. (paraphrase – Franklin, July 1776)

This will not happen overnight.

 We are in for a lot of work.

Two projects that go directly at what is happening right now, Trive and Eternal Vigilance are ready to go.

Help me get one, or both off the ground while we still can.

In October of last year I concluded  Funding our Own Enslavement with:

“… We must work to prepare for the opportunities ahead with joy in our hearts. No one can say for certain what tomorrow brings for each of us. Seemingly, unstoppable forces can be overcome with amazing speed when ideas cascade into consciousness and action across a society. …”

Caitlin Johnstone today:

“… If you are engaged in any type of media, you are engaging the narrative matrix which keeps the public asleep and complacent. It doesn’t matter if you have a Twitter account, a Youtube account, some flyers or a can of spray paint: if you are capable of getting any kind of message out there, you are able to directly influence the mechanism of your oppression. You are able to inform people that they are being lied to, you are able to explain why, and you are able to point them to where they can find more information.

This is extremely empowering. You do not need to wait around hoping that some bombshell piece of information makes it past all the various security checks and spinmeisters and triggers a real social awakening. You can be that information. You can become a catalyst for that awakening.

The key to turning this ship around does not lie hidden somewhere behind a veil of government opacity. It lies in you. It lies in all of us. We can begin awakening our fellow humans right now by attacking the narrative management of the propaganda machine that sits right in front of us, unarmored and unhidden.  Link: https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/the-primary-mechanism-of-your-oppression-is-not-hidden-at-all-a82a6df4e92c

The Vermont Haywagon/Eternal Vigilance project is a model for what Caitlin describes.

Trive is about putting empirical fact finding, checking, and archiving in the hands of the people not the “narrative managers”.

If we can raise a couple of hundred grand we can begin to do both!  

There has to be people you know that understand, pooling money to take a risk on freedom NOW is better than whining about evaporation and theft LATER?

Those who care must begin to take real risks for freedom. I will put myself at the point of the spear, if you will help me find funding and guidance?

September 2001 wounded me. 2008 started bleeding me out. I spent 4 more years blindly pouring my personal wealth and equity into my business to support my community, and families of my employees thinking my honesty and hard work mattered in this system.  It didn’t. Theft, cronyism, and corruption is what I exposed. Exposing it cost dearly. That was the price of my education.

There is no winning a game where the same people continue to control the money.  Too many years of my life were wasted learning the wisdom of my ancestors from scratch.

Wisdom purposefully obfuscated from the people by the government and its controllers. We must do our part to be sure new generations do not suffer the same.

The people need to reclaim their own currency(s).

We must help educate them for this to happen.

As reality sets in in the coming months, people will begin to question. How this happened?

We dare not let the same ones who committed the theft, be the only ones providing answers.

We have to go to the streets to do this.

Soon the internet will become unreliable to freedom messages.

They will try to stop us.

Gandhi walked into bats to collect salt. What are we willing to do?

I am not intending to make myself a martyr simply for the sake of it.

If you have a better ideas let me know. I will jump on your wagon.

I prefer to go on the offensive with the good ideas that made us all free once. The ideas of Liberty.

Together we can do it again.

Will you join me?

Will you invite two good friends to join us?

Reject fear! Have the best weekend you can!!!

Matt White


Trudeau and Cuomo Monarchies leading us to clamor for our own enslavement (Corbett) - Eternal Vigilance - Will the act of travel, itself be a protest this Spring?

Monday, March 23, 2020 

“…Do not normalize this… This is not normal”,

says James Corbett who summarizes lead-in actions and events to date surrounding the colliding Covid19 and economic reset underway.

This is an hour well spent, even for very busy people. https://www.corbettreport.com/mml2020/ Even more valuable is a very comprehensive list of sources and supporting documents that can found in the show notes at the link.

It is not too late! Please consider supporting the Eternal Vigilance/Haywagon project planning for this summer.

I know it is hard to plan with a crashing economy and looming tyranny of martial law but, we must.

It really is time to man up. If we do not do as our ancestors once did to extoll the virtues of liberty to our neighbors, what will be left of freedom for any of us?

We must not back down. We are facing the worst warnings of the founders. What a wonderful opportunity!

We must all now do what we can to break the hold on our neighbors and show them that fear and dependency does not need to be the future.

Will you join me? Let’s set up a call, or introduce me to a friend that you think would like to be involved in actively preserving liberty.

Life, Fortune and Honor to you all!


Meet our friend Etienne de la Boetie2 – his interview March 21, 2020 –  Etienne concisely explains the human relationship we experience today with “our” government.

X-Wall Street Author Trapped in Central America Shares His Unique Perspective on the Crisis


Find his work here:


Cash - Virus as cover – FED Stocks - Any of you working these?

March 16, 2020

Are you thinking about this too?

1.) Do you have any leads for finding out if the virus can be proven naturally occurring or GMO?

How it entered the populace is the logical second investigation guided by understanding the nature of the origin.

This is the kind of question that gets buried fast in the cycle. The people are again being told to believe the same folks that trotted out solutions galore on 9-12-01… Any thoughts?

I am watching Dave Collum. Hoping he can turn some rocks on the science behind the origin of the virus through his contacts. Maybe he will even comment on the Fauchi. Cornell in common…

Here is his twitter.


2.) Latest, scuttlebutt is,,, emergency powers/charter change to let the FED directly buy stocks.



FED would be able to choose the winners and losers in the market directly and structure everything, they haven’t already done indirectly, to their friends.  End of story for remnant markets (for a time), enter primacy of collectivist technocracy…


If they change the charter to allow the FED to buy stocks directly, it is the last step to Fascism in the US.


3.) CASH ECON – anyone working on this?

Intro: In Trump’s “National Emergency” declaration speech, the federal government bureaucracies are now poised to extend sick-leave-to-all through the IRS back through “compliant” employers to employees. Sounds great, to most!

This method of “assistance” weights-the-scale toward further compliance in the workforce. It is a direct attack on the cash economy.   Providing “relief” in this way skews to more control of labor and production in the mostly unmolested and very large sector of CASH

Question: Is it important that this method of “relief” penalizes market providers with employer/employees relationships that may not be 100% compliant with IRS policy and FED employment/immigration law?

Example: It is standard procedure, for lack of a better term, for “illegal” workers to provide fraudulent documents for which employers can pay taxes. IRS likes this. It instills lopsided fear in both the employee and the employer who both look at this extortion as a cost of doing business. It is unlikely those workers and employers would benefit from the reversal of that revenue flow. Few workers would likely dare cash a check from the government obtained as a result of fraud? Neither would the employer want to be caught in the middle of that. It would appear as the trap that it is to that sector. Government wins again.

Assumption: This type of “relief” plan will force compliance, or severely handicap continued free exchange of labor. 

There are innumerable other unintended consequences one might imagine. Thoughts? Are you or, do you know of anyone working on this?

I hope one or more of you will consider this in your writings this week. Please send me links…

Don’t forget Haywagon/Eternal Vigilance could use your attention too if you have any time!

Enjoy the ride! Yahoo!

Matt White – Trive

As always, Ron Paul is on it today 12PM EST

If you have time – (25 min.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA4BdsuG88g

Take back the MONEY - Eternal Vigilance - My name is Allen - It is not too late

March 13, 2020

 It is March 13. Clearly a reset event has begun. 

Whether it is a “plandemic” or not remains to be determined. Meanwhile as of this afternoon, and after a parade of Big Health and Pharma CEO’s graced the same wetted mic of a potentially exposed Donald Trump “emergency powers” are coming to bumbling bureaucrats and a Barney Fife near you. With the usual suspects ready to cash in. Sure sounded like they just want to help… What could go wrong?

With all this…

We must not be deterred.

The agenda is not hiddenThe spread of a virus, as catalyst and cover, is NO surprise.

This scenario was “gamed” for the populace in 2010. (Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development – Rockefeller Foundation – begin P.17 “Scenario Narratives”)

If we allow the police state to leap ahead using medical martial law as we passively did with 911/Patriot Act, we will have our own shame to bear…  Let us not be, fooled twice at such scale.  This is a test. We dare not fail.

We must not be distracted.

We must take back the control of the money we share.

We must encourage, inspire and educate our neighbors to do it… General public opinion is the key.

To quote a great irony of our once free press, and insult to your intelligence, without your help this idea “dies in darkness”.

Haywagon update:

To be resilient, the concept must be flexibly localized to be successfully replicated. With that the hay wagon will be branded Eternal Vigilance” going forward.

As of today we do not have enough support to launch. Will you consider reaching out to me about what you can do? It is not all about money. It is not too late to have this ready for summer.

In February, I alluded that Bernie Sanders is not “real”. Scenarios are in place that could see him gain the Whitehouse.  It would be a shame if we let that proceed without exposing his long ties to the people that made him.  We are working on this too. Let’s shine a damn flood light on them.

My name is Allen:

As many of you know I am a descendant of American revolutionaries. My mother born an Allen and I, a first born to her, given the name Allen Matthew. Born on land still held tenuously today. Land defended and cared for, since the New Hampshire Grants by my ancestors.

I will share my burden and honor in this with the quote below

 “Descendants of Ethan Allen, prove yourselves worthy of your ancient prowess–gird on the armor of Equal Right and be prepared to vindicate the faith of your revolutionary fathers, the principles of the immortal Jefferson, in the momentous contest which is waging.  ‘Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.’  Your safety lies in prompt and efficient ACTION, ORGANIZATION AND PERSEVERANCE.”
Vermont Patriot and State Gazette, March 21, 1836

“The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality.”

– JFK (Bonn 1963) via Dante Alighieri

Join me. Reach out to your people.

Together, let’s turn this concept into a plan.

Allen Matt” White

Will this change the election? Who cares!!! - Hayriding into 2020

February 29, 2020

Just 50% of the populace votes in national elections split mainly between 2 completely corrupt parties.

50% of us already don’t bother.

With a simple hay wagon, we can give some of those people a relief valve in 2020.

Reminiscing today, about events 12 years ago. Please join me for 1 minute and 10 seconds, if you will? (https://www.youtube.com/embed/BIcIkoOwp7s?start=5862&end=5932 )

There are a lot of people of voting age now, that were 6 years old then.  What do you think the mandatory schools and consolidated media has offered them since? Nothing good…

These 2020 “elections”, are an Assange show-trial in waiting… 

We know the “flaws” in the voting systems and free internet have been sufficiently “fixed” for 2020. And, are only getting more “fixed” each day…   

We should not dignify the process. Apologies to Jacob Hornberger,,, but we shouldn’t!

Moreover, you are too rational and intelligent to live as Einstein’s epitome of a lunatic in attempting more change from within…  Too great a patriot for freedom to do nothing while stupidity rules the day and damns our future…

So what do we do?

We satirize to the edge of sedition the parties and the process for the humorless and dangerous joke that they are…

We can give people who believe in Freedom and Liberty a place to tune-in or, come to express their creativity during the foreseeable ridiculousness of next spring, summer and fall.  What fun it could be to point out the insanity with Bernie/whoever and The Donald running for chief puppet!  

The daily narratives will be easier to destroy than fish-in-a-barrel with your witty help! Nearly all of you are Thomas Paines of one flavor or another. I would not have bothered harassing you this incessantly if you weren’t!!!

I have been saving your best work in file for a long time just to plagiarize it in speeches from a hay wagon, badly!

Will this change the election? Who cares!!!

Let’s record it as it happens and beam it everywhere while we still can!

We may inspire our neighbors across the country not to become zombies of a false Bernie/Donnie dichotomy and maybe even reject the centralized police state either one promises to bring down on us.  Hey,,, we may show them that Freedom is fun and popular!

What if some people actually followed a simple hay wagon to a simpler message??? Individual liberty, sound money, and the Golden Rule… AND, no leader necessary. Just participate!

This is just me with an idea… There is no agenda here other than the obvious. Saving our own asses from tyranny quickly closing in on us from “both sides”.  A tyranny driven by the control of money by a very few even bigger asses.

In fact for me, taking a stand like this right now challenges efforts to build Trive at a time I should not add challenges. I feel the summer of 2020 will be too important for freedom to ignore. And, maybe I am wrong and Trive will be the better for it too. Time will tell.

What do you say?

If we get VT Haywagon off the ground with funding for a month on the road and it doesn’t catch on,,, at least we tried something. If it catches on, and crowd funds, we can payback those that helped get it going whatever percentage they want of the initial funds. I am guessing pledges of 75-100K would be safe to pull the trigger and pencil it all out to hard numbers.

I have a plan if we can gather the support to execute. This is not the first time I have inspired people to do what they think they couldn’t or,,, maybe even shouldn’t… LOL!!!

I need you to be inspired to inspire others or this goes nowhere. The clock is ticking. Are you willing to ask your most loyal supporters to privately consider this in the next week?

It starts with a few of us now just saying, “yes, let’s try”.

What do you say?


Vermont Haywagon - Are you on board? - John Whitehead reminds us today

February 27, 2020

 is time to decide.

Areyou willing to approach your network to support the Vermont Haywagon Concept? 


To explain how money creation has become the main tool leveraging all social and political issues away from

freedom and equality. Do this, using a party-agnostic dialog during the run up to the 2020 election.

Please let me know.

Thank you for considering this among your many other demands for attention!

Matt White


*John Whitehead reminds us again today why,  what we do is so important! We are powerful!


“Irwin Schiff died for our sins”

The Curse of Liberty Ignored - How a simple hay wagon could change the tide - * Who is Bernie? From a Vermont native, me.

This; https://twitter.com/DavidBCollum/status/1229764547826913280 

is a direct result of ignoring these prescient warnings, summarized in the 1980’s.

Many of you will know this work. For those hearing these recordings for the first time, I believe you will find nearly 40 years since has only further proven the value of Dodd’s work under Reese, and the curse we are living for ignoring it today… The Haywagon Project is one small step to begin rectify that. One we can do to help our neighbors and ourselves while having some fun.

Background (30 min.)- Norman Dodd on money creation and non-taxable foundations working in unison against freedom (1 hour) – Monteith


Norman Dodd on tax-exempt foundations (50 min.) – Griffin


For your library:

Foundations, Their Power and Influence – Wormser


It is no mystery how we got here.

The question is what are we personally going to doing about it?

We can make a difference!

Please reach out as time allows before March.  



* If you do not know who Eileen Growald is, you do not know anything about how Bernie Sanders came to be.

You will have to reply to learn more on this.

I will not let the latest (s)election process distract from the key tenets and goals of the Haywagon Project. (see pdf) That theme is what can unite us. Freedom is popular and coincidentally, uncomplicated!

However, Bernie’s is an important, and separate story that needs to be told. We are reaching out to people who can do this investigation and exposure justice. You are welcome to the raw information, if you like?

A Case for Not Giving Up

February 15, 2020

Good Morning ,

John Whitehead gets it!

A most eloquent extension of the Vermont Haywagon project theme can be found here:


(content reproduced below)

Coincidentally, at the Rutherford institute, I have been working for most of the last year with Doug McKusick from John’s team. They have been instrumental in forwarding a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) submittal as part of the Trive project. This FOIA is in regard to a dataset and dashboard the Department of Homeland security had commissioned to track all online “media influencers” with 1000 or more subscribers.

Not a more dedicated or experienced civil libertarian group would you be lucky to find. Truly tough and wonderful people.

Have a great weekend!


We’re All in This Together: A Case for Not Giving Up on the American Dream

We’re All in This Together: A Case for Not Giving Up on the American Dream

By John W. Whitehead

February 11, 2020

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”—Benjamin Franklin

Listen: we don’t have to agree about everything.

We don’t even have to agree about most things.

We don’t have to love each other. We don’t even have to like each other. And we certainly don’t need to think alike or dress alike or worship alike or vote alike or love alike. But if this experiment in freedom is to succeed—and there are some days the outlook is decidedly grim—then we’ve got to find some way of relating to one another that is not toxic or partisan or hateful or so self-righteous that we’re doomed to failure before we even start.

America has been a warring nation—a military empire intent on occupation and conquest—for so long that perhaps we, the citizens of this warring nation, have forgotten what it means to live in peace, with the world and one another.

We’d better get back to the fundamentals of what it means to be human beings who can get along if we want to have any hope of restoring some semblance of sanity, civility and decency to what is progressively being turned into a foul-mouthed, hot-headed free-for-all bar fight by politicians for whom this is all one big, elaborate game designed to increase their powers and fatten their bank accounts.

Maybe Robert Fulghum, author of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, was right: maybe all we really need to know about “how to live and what to do and how to be” is as simple as remembering the basic life lessons we were taught as children.

What were those lessons? Fulghum reminds us:

Share everything. Play fair. Don’t hit people. Put things back where you found them. Clean up your own mess. Don’t take things that aren’t yours. Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody…. When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together…. Goldfish and hamsters and white mice and even the little seed in the Styrofoam cup—they all die. So do we. And then remember the Dick-and-Jane books and the first word you learned—the biggest word of all—LOOK. Everything you need to know is in there somewhere. The Golden Rule and love and basic sanitation. Ecology and politics and equality and sane living. Take any one of those items and extrapolate it into sophisticated adult terms and apply it to your family life or your work or your government or your world and it holds true and clear and firm. Think what a better world it would be if we all—the whole world—had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down with our blankies for a nap. Or if all governments had as a basic policy to always put things back where they found them and to clean up their own mess. And it is still true, no matter how old you are—when you go out into the world, it is best to hold hands and stick together.

The powers-that-be want us to forget these basic lessons in how to get along. They want us to fume and rage and be so consumed with fighting the so-called enemies in our midst that we never notice the prison walls closing in around us.

Don’t be distracted.

No matter what happens in the next presidential election, no matter how many ways the powers-that-be attempt to sow division and distrust among the populace, no matter how many shouting commentators perpetuate the belief that there is only one “right” view and one “wrong” view in politics, the only “us vs. them” that will matter is whether “we the people” care enough to stand united in our commitment to the principles on which this nation was founded: freedom, justice, and equality for all.

The rest is just noise intended to distract us from the fact that life in America has become a gut-wrenching, soul-sucking, misery-drenched, demoralizing existence, and it’s the government that is responsible.

Even so, here’s why I’m not giving up on the American dream of freedom, and—despite all the reasons to the contrary—why you shouldn’t either: because this is still our country.

I’m outraged at what has been done to our freedoms and our country. You should be, too.

We have been subjected to crackdowns, clampdowns, shutdowns, showdowns, shootdowns, standdowns, knockdowns, putdowns, breakdowns, lockdowns, takedowns, slowdowns, meltdowns, and never-ending letdowns.

We’ve been held up, stripped down, faked out, photographed, frisked, fracked, hacked, tracked, cracked, intercepted, accessed, spied on, zapped, mapped, searched, shot at, tasered, tortured, tackled, trussed up, tricked, lied to, labeled, libeled, leered at, shoved aside, saddled with debt not of our own making, sold a bill of goods about national security, tuned out by those representing us, tossed aside, and taken to the cleaners.

We’ve had our freedoms turned inside out, our democratic structure flipped upside down, and our house of cards left in a shambles.

We’ve had our children burned by flashbang grenades, our dogs shot, and our old folks hospitalized after “accidental” encounters with marauding SWAT teams.

We’ve been told that as citizens we have no rights within 100 miles of our own border, now considered “Constitution-free zones.”

We’ve had our faces filed in government databases, our biometrics crosschecked against criminal databanks, and our consumerist tendencies catalogued for future marketing overtures.

We’ve seen the police transformed from community peacekeepers to point guards for the militarized corporate state. The police continue to push, prod, poke, probe, scan, shoot and intimidate the very individuals—we the taxpayers—whose rights they were hired to safeguard. Networked together through fusion centers, police have surreptitiously spied on our activities and snooped on our communications, using hi-tech devices provided by the Department of Homeland Security.

We’ve been deemed suspicious for engaging in such dubious activities as talking too long on a cell phone and stretching too long before jogging, dubbed extremists and terrorists for criticizing the government and suggesting it is tyrannical or oppressive, and subjected to forced colonoscopies and anal probes for allegedly rolling through a stop sign.

We’ve been arrested for all manner of “crimes” that never used to be considered criminal, let alone uncommon or unlawful, behavior: letting our kids walk to the playground alonegiving loose change to a homeless manfeeding the hungry, and living off the grid.

We’ve been sodomized, victimized, jeopardized, demoralized, traumatized, stigmatized, vandalized, demonized, polarized and terrorized, often without having done anything to justify such treatment. Blame it on a government mindset that renders us guilty before we’ve even been charged, let alone convicted, of any wrongdoing. In this way, law-abiding individuals have had their homes mistakenly raided by SWAT teams that got the address wrong. One accountant found himself at the center of a misguided (armed) police standoff after surveillance devices confused his license plate with that of a drug felon.

We’ve been railroaded into believing that our votes count, that we live in a republic or a democracy, that elections make a difference, that it matters whether we vote Republican or Democrat, and that our elected officials are looking out for our best interests. Truth be told, we live in an oligarchy, politicians represent only the profit motives of the corporate state, whose leaders know all too well that there is no discernible difference between red and blue politics, because there is only one color that matters in politics: green.

We’ve gone from having privacy in our inner sanctums to having nowhere to hide, with smart pills that monitor the conditions of our bodies, homes that spy on us (with smart meters that monitor our electric usage and thermostats and light switches that can be controlled remotely) and cars that listen to our conversations, track our whereabouts and report them to the police. Even our cities have become wall-to-wall electronic concentration camps, with police now able to record hi-def video of everything that takes place within city limits.

We’ve had our schools locked down and turned into prisons, our students handcuffed, shackled and arrested for engaging in childish behavior such as food fights, our children’s biometrics stored, their school IDs chipped, their movements tracked, and their data bought, sold and bartered for profit by government contractors, all the while they are treated like criminals and taught to march in lockstep with the police state. 

We’ve been rendered enemy combatants in our own country, denied basic due process rights, held against our will without access to an attorney or being charged with a crime, and left to waste away in jail until such a time as the government is willing to let us go or allow us to defend ourselves.

We’ve had the very military weapons we funded with our hard-earned tax dollars used against us, from unpiloted, weaponized drones tracking our movements on the nation’s highways and byways and armored vehicles, assault rifles, sound cannons and grenade launchers in towns with little to no crime to an arsenal of military-grade weapons and equipment given free of charge to schools and universities.

We’ve been silenced, censored and forced to conform, shut up in free speech zones, gagged by hate crime laws, stifled by political correctness, muzzled by misguided anti-bullying statutes, and pepper sprayed for taking part in peaceful protests.

We’ve been shot by police for reaching for a license during a traffic stop, reaching for a baby during a drug bust, carrying a toy sword down a public street, and wearing headphones that hamper our ability to hear.

We’ve had our tax dollars spent on $30,000 worth of Starbucks for Department of Homeland Security employees, $630,000 in advertising to increase Facebook “likes” for the State Department, and close to $25 billion to fund projects ranging from the silly to the unnecessary, such as laughing classes for college students and programs teaching monkeys to play video games and gamble.

We’ve been treated like guinea pigs, targeted by the government and social media for psychological experiments on how to manipulate the masses. We’ve been tasered for talking back to police, tackled for taking pictures of police abuses, and threatened with jail time for invoking our rights. We’ve even been arrested by undercover cops stationed in public bathrooms who interpret men’s “shaking off” motions after urinating to be acts of lewdness.

We’ve had our possessions seized and stolen by law enforcement agencies looking to cash in on asset forfeiture schemes, our jails privatized and used as a source of cheap labor for megacorporations, our gardens smashed by police seeking out suspicious-looking plants that could be marijuana, and our buying habits turned into suspicious behavior by a government readily inclined to view its citizens as terrorists.

We’ve had our cities used for military training drills, with Black Hawk helicopters buzzing the skies, Urban Shield exercises overtaking our streets, and active shooter drills wreaking havoc on unsuspecting bystanders in our schools, shopping malls and other “soft target” locations.

We’ve been told that national security is more important than civil liberties, that police dogs’ noses are sufficient cause to carry out warrantless searches, that the best way not to get raped by police is to “follow the law,” that what a police officer says in court will be given preference over what video footage shows, that an upright posture and acne are sufficient reasons for a cop to suspect you of wrongdoing, that police can stop and search a driver based solely on an anonymous tip, and that police officers have every right to shoot first and ask questions later if they feel threatened.

Are you outraged yet?

You should be. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and right these wrongs.

Stop waiting patiently for change to happen, stop waiting for some politician to rescue you, and take responsibility for your freedoms: start by fixing what’s broken in your lives, in your communities, and in this country.

Get mad, get outraged, get off your duff and get out of your house, get in the streets, get in people’s faces, get down to your local city council, get over to your local school board, get your thoughts down on paper, get your objections plastered on protest signs, get your neighbors, friends and family to join their voices to yours, get your representatives to pay attention to your grievances, get your kids to know their rights, get your local police to march in lockstep with the Constitution, get your media to act as watchdogs for the people and not lapdogs for the corporate state, get your act together, and get your house in order.

Appearances to the contrary, this country does not belong exclusively to the corporations or the special interest groups or the oligarchs or the war profiteers or any particular religious, racial or economic demographic.

This country belongs to all of us: each and every one of us—“we the people”—but most especially, this country belongs to those of us who love freedom enough to stand and fight for it.

As I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, we are fast approaching the point at which we will have nothing left to lose.

Don’t wait for things to get that bad before you find your voice and your conscience. By then, it will be too late.

As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s character reflects in The Gulag Archipelago:

How we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if … during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.

Take your stand now—using every nonviolent means at your disposal—while you still can.

Don’t wait to reflect back on missed opportunities to push back against tyranny.

Don’t wait until you’re the last one standing.

Time is running out.

WC: 2408


Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute. His new book Battlefield America: The War on the American People  is available at www.amazon.com. Whitehead can be contacted at [email protected]rutherford.org.

Publication Guidelines / Reprint Permission

John W. Whitehead’s weekly commentaries are available for publication to newspapers and web publications at no charge. Please contact [email protected] to obtain reprint permission.

Vermont 2020 Haywagon Project - Concept draft - Scoping Deadline March 1

February 14, 2020

“What he said!!!”  It looks like Godfrey Bloom read our Haywagon Project PDF yesterday before his 2 minute speech: https://twitter.com/i/status/1227997116808802304

The powerful message is coalescing.

Typos and links are repaired in revised pdf copy (attached). I hope you all have time to think about this over the weekend.

I look forward to hearing from you as time allows before March 1.

Thanks for the feedback thus far!

Matt White – Trive

Vermont 2020 Haywagon Project - Concept draft - Scoping Deadline March 1

February 12, 2020

Hello Everyone!

Attached is the completed concept for the Haywagon project (pdf). You may now share this with your close friends and confidants.

First Deadline is March 1.

For those that missed the meetings last week, please let me know via email if this is something you would support?

Please also let me know if you would like to be removed from this thread.

Any thoughts on the concept are greatly appreciated even if you cannot support it.

Thank YOU all!


* Just a reminder, Trive is looking for seed round investors to build and launch. I am happy to provide a package on Trive you can share with others @ your request.

Trive has completed review with the EOSVC/Blockone fund and is waiting to hear if we will receive a 50K grant to begin to build on the EOS chain.

Total raise 1.25M. Lead seed investor can participate in setting terms.

That’s it.

Vermont 2020 Haywagon Project - Q&A- Saturday 2-8-20 (11AM EDT) -

When: Saturday, February 8, 2020 11:00 AM-12:00 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).
Where: Zoom/Call

Haywagon Vermont could have an outsized effect nationwide on political thought in the run up to 2020 with your help.

I can only get this off the ground with your interest and support from within your networks.

Tomorrow is our second scoping meeting. From that we will make a decision on how to proceed for a proposed May launch.

Hope you can join @ 11AM EST



Meeting Details:

You are invited to a Zoom meeting. Tuesday 2-8-20 (11AM EST)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or Telephone:

    Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):

        US: +1 669 900 6833  or +1 929 436 2866

    Meeting ID: 430 600 9589 #

    International numbers available:

As you all know, the monetary system of today is at the core of our social and political crisis. It has created socialized debt and normalized theft through the printing and control of money by the few.  The welfare/warfare/national security state with its “wealth inequality” of today are its direct result.  Everything that is done by those in power is done to conceal this fact…

The Haywagon will carry the message around Vermont that honest money self-ownership and private property lead to honest society, individual freedom, and equal opportunity for prosperity and security. 

Trive’s Matt White provides gratuitous compliment - Vermont Haywagon project 2020 proposal – Freedom - Fun - You

 February 1, 2020 

First, I would like to thank you for your counsel, in our direct communications, and through your works. 

Second, I find you to be; not only a great thinker but, of the highest caliber of people. I have great respect for you. That is why I am seeking your advice here again.

I am calling you together with others who are sharing observations on the accelerating loss of freedom. I am sure like me, you are also contemplating what can be realistically done about it? I have an idea I want to share with you…

The devious and coerced are no match for passionate individuals drawn together by the necessity of peril and mutual benefit, with a deep love for the idea of freedom for all…

In our individual conversations, I have mentioned to you the importance of not giving up on finding facts and seeking truth, and helping our neighbors to do the same. I have dedicated my recent years to the best project I could identify in this light (Trive).  

Let us now set Trive entirely aside from this conversation…

To make a plea to YOU on the subject of Liberty would seem trite to humble man. 

I do not find it so today…

The spring and summer of 2020 will offer us a great opportunity. I need your input. And hopefully, your hand to seize this chance to forward the cause of freedom. A cause that begins with truths that can take seed in the hearts and minds of our neighbors who have been purposefully deprived of them by the few. We must, with purpose, change that. We have to go to them to do it.

As you all know, fundamental knowledge of the components of freedom are being obscured from our friends and neighbors at an alarming rate. With your help, I plan to be part of bringing them back to their front doors while offering genuine charity and compassion as an alternative to government dependency or indenture. This is the concept of the Vermont Haywagon project.

Increasingly sophisticated divisiveness is being inserted in human relations in place of the simple truths of Liberty. This is not a politically right or left issue. It is an “us” 99.9 % versus “them” (.1%) issue.

A party-agnostic approach to freedom fundamentals is what is called for. We have a great opportunity with the upcoming elections to make a large impact in the small State of Vermont. A state sure to receive outsized attention due to the political candidate for president in 2020 who claims to be its organic product. I can tell you unequivocally, it is not so.

Only; Honest Money, Self-ownership, and Real Property rights can produce freedom, peace, and prosperity.

We know history has proven this without question. We must bring this information back to the people from which it has been withheld, denigrated, and indoctrinated away to small dark reassesses of learning and public life.  We must persist with the popular message of freedom, non-aggression and a voluntary spirit that is the true heritage we honor.  Penetrate the media and online cloud of misinformation to reach people, by taking this to the streets and country roads, county fairs and town squares of Vermont. A place once at the very cradle of modern freedom. A place now allowed to be dominated by collectivist for too long since.

Once a currency can be created and controlled fraudulently by the few as debt on the many, unlimited amounts can be targeted upon the people and their property through all manner of political and economic perversion.

Once a majority of manipulated people believe they are truly indebted to a fraudulent system, control over everyone can eventually be exerted.  We are seeing this on an accelerated scale today. Though many of you are as outspoken about injustice as Paine or King. We must also demonstrate positive, not only passive action. By directly taking the message to our neighbors while looking them in the eye as we offer service, and information and understanding.  Lest we become complicit by inaction, when we know it is called for. The action is Love.

I have lived long enough now to have seen and know, it is true the result; “… if good men do nothing…” 

I ask you to join me in organizing and executing a plan of love, activism, and outreach for Vermont this spring and summer. It is time to turn talk into action and I know how to do it. But, I need your help…

Please select from the meeting times and join us:

Tuesday 2-4-20 at 8PM (EST)

Saturday 2-8-20 at 11AM (EST)

If you are inspired to hear me out? Please, join one of the meetings.

Here are the details on how to call in.

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or Telephone:

    Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):

        US: +1 669 900 6833  or +1 929 436 2866

    Meeting ID: 430 600 9589 #

    International numbers available:

If you do not have time to meet but, would support this on concept alone, please let us know what you would be willing contribute. Your network and supporters are powerful.

There is more information below about me and my personal experience, should you wish to learn more.

I hope to see you in one of the meetings or, one-on-one at your convenience.

Thank you for your time.

Be well!

Matt White – CEO – Trive

aka/nom de plume

Matthew Lyon’s Ghost

Recently published:




All 3 parts in PDF.


Thank you for continuing with me here…

If another’s word might help to convince you, I would ask you to reflect on Chodorov. I can find no better words to inspire your attentions further on this subject… Chapter XIX (The Radical Rich) of Frank Chodorov’s book Out of Step – The Autobiography of an Individualist (1962) can be found at the very bottom of this page for inspiration! 

OK!!!! Let’s talk about me:

For those that do not already know, I grew-up in Vermont of the Allen Family. I am related to Ethan and Ira Allen, and Matthew Lyon among other figures you may know from the American Revolution. It is apparent to me, I have acquired “the gene”, LOL!

The family farm is on land originally part of the New Hampshire grants. My brother and cousin continue the tradition on the land today (under duress). Land that saw the footsteps of both Ethan and Ira Allen, Seth Warner, Matthew Lyons, Benedict Arnold, and Thomas McDonough. Land that provided timber to build ships to defeat the British in the War of 1812 and the men that did it.  Land now administered by apparatchiks under an emerging collectivist state. Land encumbered using tenants of UN Agenda 21/2030 already in practice there. Bernie Sanders emergence from Vermont in particular, via Brooklyn and the University of Chicago, was not by accident. I can tell you why, and what we can do to expose it, but you will have to read on first, and join one of those meetings for details.

With young parents, and being the eldest, I left the farm for the West in 1987, soon finding myself in Alaska seeking adventure and fortune. I could not know what lie ahead, but feared nothing in the challenge. After great initial success I ran headlong into the breach of convolution and corruption in our government. I learned at great expense over many years that I did not possess the tools to defeat it alone or, moral turpitude to join with a system that for the first time I truly began to understand. I was nearly 40 years old by then.

The fairytales of American freedom and liberty that had been installed in my thoughts by respected neighbors presented as teachers in the public schools of my childhood, had not prepared me for a world of duplicitous debt slaves. managers, and masters. Especially for, someone who had acquired “that gene”.

To breach the walls my ambition and success had pushed me to, it seemed I would have to choose a master. It never sat well. Resistance to my flaunting of laws in my favor only embarrassed and angered my oppressors. Alaska is ironically a very small State when it comes to business and politics. It was only a matter of time until I was “taught a lesson” or two by the worst among them while most of the others watched. It was a very revealing and instructive.

As a direct result of my many experiences, I have spent years since closing my dream business in Alaska understanding original documents and concepts on freedom. I needed to find the fundamental truths we are living under as nation today and coincidently, what went wrong.

Recently, I have sought each of you on this journey for your own special gifts.  I am asking you now to consider joining me to make some impact on the world while we can together.

2020 offers a great opportunity for outreach. One, I hope you will want to hear about. We can capture the moment to extend the principles of Liberty while ignoring politicians purposefully.  As an “arguer” of unique origin, I know how to do this. But, as Chodorov says;

“… To be sure, the arguers for a revolution, the theoreticians

and the intellectuals, may come from the class called poor,

but until rich men get hold of it the proposed change never

gets off the ground. …” P.191 Out of Step –

We will need to encourage people contribute.

I am now 50. I am mentally and physically fit, tempered, and hardened to the tasks I see ahead. I am willing to sticking my neck out to lead this. I believe it is that important. And, I believe it is a very good opportunity to strike at the heart of collectivism in this country with a very good return on investment. This will get attention.

I am secure and at peace with myself, my knowledge and experiences in how I relate to the world. I have been told by many that a great talent is my ability to distill large concepts into digestible morsels that can feed anyone’s mind while opening them to new possibilities in their own lives. As I painted a portrait of freedom and adventure in Alaska for my customers while making them feel safe and supported, so too can I do that here.

I know what to do, and how to obtain results in any environment. I have had great teachers since those early days in the captivity of the “education” system. Teachers in my customers and mentors, many of you, through your works now among them.

I will conduct two Q&A session for the Vermont Haywagon activism project.

If I have inspired you to come this far, maybe you will come a little further and join us.

Tuesday 2-4-20 at 8PM (EST)

Saturday 2-8-20 at 11AM (EST)

Can’t make these times?

Call me when you can.

We can speak directly.

Time is of the essence, if we are to be ready to hit the ground running by spring in Vermont.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration. I hope you are inspired.


Chodorov in the next slides Enjoy!

No Power is so great that the spirit of good people can not overcome it. Evil prevails ONLY when good people fail to act...

Eternal Vigilance - The Price of Freedom


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