Hello, I’m Matt White CEO – Trive.

The following is a short bio in relation to The Eternal Vigilance Project

“For those that do not already know, I grew-up in Vermont of the Allen Family. I am related to Ethan and Ira Allen, and Matthew Lyon among other figures you may know from the American Revolution. It is apparent to me, I have acquired “the gene”, LOL!

The family farm is on land originally part of the New Hampshire grants. My brother and cousin continue the tradition on the land today (under duress). Land that saw the footsteps of both Ethan and Ira Allen, Seth Warner, Matthew Lyon, Benedict Arnold, and Thomas McDonough. Land that provided timber to build ships to defeat the British in the War of 1812 and the men that did it.  Land now administered by apparatchiks under an emerging collectivist state. Land encumbered using tenants of UN Agenda 21/2030 already in practice there. Bernie Sanders emergence from Vermont in particular, via Brooklyn and the University of Chicago, was NOT by accident. I can tell you why. AND, what can be done to expose it.

With young parents, and being the eldest, I left the farm for the West in 1987, soon finding myself in Alaska seeking adventure and fortune. I could not know what lie ahead, but feared nothing in the challenge. After great initial success I ran headlong into the breach of convolution and corruption in our government. I learned at great expense over many years that I did not possess the tools to defeat it alone or, moral turpitude to join with a system that for the first time I truly began to understand. I was nearly 40 years old by then.

The fairytales of American freedom and liberty that had been installed in my thoughts by respected neighbors presented as teachers in the public schools of my childhood, had not prepared me for a world of duplicitous debt slaves. managers, and masters. Especially for, someone who had acquired “that gene”.

To breach the walls my ambition and success had pushed me to, it seemed I would have to choose a master. It never sat well. Resistance to my flaunting of laws in my favor only embarrassed and angered my oppressors. Alaska is ironically a very small State when it comes to business and politics. It was only a matter of time until I was “taught a lesson” or two by the worst among them while most of the others watched. It was very revealing and instructive.

As a direct result of my experiences, I have spent years since closing my dream business in Alaska understanding original documents and concepts on freedom. I needed to find the fundamental truths we are living under as nation today and coincidently, what went wrong.

Recently, I have sought each of you on this journey for your own special gifts.  I am asking you now to consider joining me to make some impact on the world while we can together.

2020 offers a great opportunity for outreach. One, I hope you will want to hear about. We can capture the moment to extend the principles of Liberty while ignoring politicians purposefully.  As an “arguer” of unique origin, I know how to do this. But, as Chodorov says;

“… To be sure, the arguers for a revolution, the theoreticians

and the intellectuals, may come from the class called poor,

but until rich men get hold of it the proposed change never

gets off the ground. …” P.191 Out of Step –

We will need to encourage people contribute.

I am now 50. I am mentally and physically fit, tempered, and hardened to the tasks I see ahead. I am willing to sticking my neck out to lead this. I believe it is that important. And, I believe it is a very good opportunity to strike at the heart of corrupt collectivism disguised as social compassion in this country. This will get attention and inspire others.

I am secure and at peace with myself, my knowledge and experiences in how I relate to the world. I have been told by many that a great talent is my ability to distill large concepts into digestible morsels that can feed anyone’s mind while opening them to new possibilities in their own lives. As I painted a portrait of freedom and adventure in Alaska for my customers while making them feel safe and supported, so too can I do that here.

I know what to do, and how to obtain results in any environment. I have had great teachers since those early days in the captivity of the “education” system. Teachers in my customers and mentors, many of you, through your works now among them.”

Matt White – February 2020 in a note to his closest advisors.

No Power is so great that the spirit of good people can not overcome it. Evil prevails ONLY when good people fail to act...

Eternal Vigilance - The Price of Freedom


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